"Twas the Weeks Before State Visit...."

'Twas the weeks before state visit and all through the school
All the committees were meeting and checking state rules.
The posters were hung by the doors with care,
In hopes that state visitors would see them hung there.

The teachers were prepped by administrative staff
While visions of data maps danced in their heads.
And principals in chairs and staff in attendance
Had just settled in for an inservice nap.

When out in the center there arose such a clatter
We woke from our naps to see what was the matter.
Away from my computer I flew like a flash
Shut down my Twitter and opened up my trash.

The glow on the screen in the front of the room
Gave a luster of midday to brighten the gloom.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a list of acronyms of which I should fear.

Now, CSIP! Now, SIAC! Now, SINA and MISIC. On ITEDS and Reading.
On, Vision and Mission!
To the top of the list! And not just in the fall.
Now test away, test away, test away all.

Ok--that's it. My creativity is gone. Spent eight hours today preparing for the site visit from the state.  My mind is mush.  I know our administration is doing the right thing by having this inservice and making sure we all have the information we need.  I am just a tad touchy about some things said by teachers during a couple of my meetings.  This is how I handle it.  I write silly things.  Because if I publish what I really think about what some people say (not my administration--really), I'll be in trouble. There will be a post about these things, I just need to figure out a way to say it tactfully....

I really almost linked my post from Sunday--check out my review of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars.  Terrific book!


  1. So much fun, Deb! I love the way you mirrored the original poem. 'Test away!' Got to chuckle at that.

  2. Your brain is not mush, but an incredible thinking machine! Too funny,I was laughing out loud so my husband asked what was so funny. I had to read it to him. Thanks for the laugh to start my day. I understand your frustration. Be strong, and carry on!

  3. Even without eight hours of inservice I wouldn't have had enough brain to write your lovely poem. Thanks for sharing the smiles even in the midst of the grumblings.

  4. This was very entertaining. I literally laughed out loud during the test away all line.

  5. You go, girl! Or as the poem relates: "test away, test away, test away all". I think your creative bone is just perfect!

  6. Very cute poem! And I had an inservice day today too, but there's no way my brain would be able to write a poem right now, so I'm impressed!

  7. Deb, this is poetry as therapy! - a coping mechanism to avoid drowning in acronyms,

  8. I think you're handling a state visit very well with your whimsical writing--great coping device and teachers know how to do that well. I know you will do fine because you write!!!

  9. I am with the rest--this was a great way to cope with the overwhelming tedium of an inservice about a visit from the state. I would imagine the process is nerve-wracking and a day of meeting about it was probably necessary, but not calming. I am interested to see how you finally get out what you are really thinking about those comments--you always find a way with your words. Your positivity always shines through.

  10. This is a keeper, Deb!!! I laughed so hard, and I've sent copies to colleagues who can relate, too. Glad you had a sense of humor...and rhyme...and the absurd..left after the day. Thank you for this treat!

  11. I love it! You write amazing poetry when you are mush. Thank you for your humor on such a sensitive topic.

  12. The poem was great! You do connect with me and so many others through your writing. I wish you calm in the midst of such storms.


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