Friday, January 20, 2012

He Loves Me

My husband and I aren't the lovey, dovey, gag me kind of couple.  Never have been. But, I know he loves me.

  • He turns off the bedroom TV when I fall asleep in front of it.
  • When people call after 9, he tells them I'm in bed ('cause I usually am!)
  • He tells them I'm busy when they call  on Sunday bath nights
  • He calls and says, "How about we order out tonight?"
  • He cooks.
  • He "lets"  me stay at the lake most of the summer while he has to go home to work.
  • He defends teachers--especially to the "Must be nice to be off at 4" or "Must be nice to have the summer off" people.  

District speech contest is this weekend, so as always, he was going to go and visit his brother tonight.  He hates to stay home alone.  But with a  snowstorm coming, he probably wouldn't have made it today, so he went last night.

When I got home late from school, the outside light was on so I could see, the shovel was pulled across the cement in front of the house--over the ice patch that has formed, and the kitchen light was on.

But what made me chuckle was the note on the fridge board. I guess he thought I wouldn't notice these things...

Walk along the fence.
Big ice patch has formed from faucet.
Out of milk soon.

Even when he's gone, he's here and taking care of me.  That's love.


  1. I think you've just written a love poem for Valentine's Day! Such a sweet piece about your husband. I enjoyed every little thoughtful thing! And good luck for the weekend speech contest!

  2. awww, so sweet and thoughtful! I think you've inspired me to write a similar post about my husband... maybe a future slice of life! :-)

  3. This is so lovely, Deb. It's so true that love is evident in the little things, the daily 'little' things. If someone is thinking about you when they walk over that icy patch or when they pour themselves a glass of milk, they must be thinking of you always.

  4. I love that you have uncovered all the ways your daily life is a manifestation of the romance that initially brought you and your husband together! What a beautiful sentiment!

  5. I think when people are young, they are in that soap opera state of mind, and are confused about what real love is. It's truly the day to day thoughtful, little things. It's the protection of your physical and emotional well-being that is so precious and expresses without words that love.