Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Start of a Great Day

What's the bus doing here so early? Wasn't he told I didn't need him here until 8:45?

It's Saturday. Contest day. A snowstorm delayed the start for two hours, but otherwise, everything's a go.

I better go tell him the kids won't be here for awhile and we're not leaving until 9, in case he wants to go get coffee or something.

I walk out into the cold and head to the bus. Brian lets me on with a smile.

"I wondered why there was no one here.  I'll be fine though. I already have coffee and this will give the bus time to warm up."

I head back to the building, making a list in my head of the last minute details I need to take care of.


Remember, it's Saturday morning after a snowstorm.

I look around. There are cars and pick-ups down by the locker room entrance--maybe there are some wrestlers running around to let me in.

I pound on the door. No answer.

I walk around to the back entrance by the superintendent's door and the back door to the high school. I pound on both to no avail. I am really locked out.

My purse.
My car keys.
My cell phone.
All locked up with my school keys.


I walk back around to the front, happy that students will be arriving. I have a plan. One of them can drive down to a fellow teacher's house and get her keys. Problem solved.

Except she doesn't answer her phone and no one answers her door.


Kids keep jumping out of cars, excited and ready for the day. Except one, who I'm told, seems to be having car trouble.

"Go and get him," I tell one young man. He races off to help his friend.

"Would Bill have a key?" Brian asks.

I look out at the parking lot and see that one of our custodians is plowing the parking lot.

"Yea, he would," I say as the big blue snowplow heads towards the garage

"I'll chase him down and see if he has one." And off Brian drives, with most of my kids on the bus, chasing after the big blue snowplow.

More kids arrive, confused as they see the bus pull away and me standing in front of the school.

I explain the situation as the bus comes back, followed by the big blue snowplow.


Some of the kids and I race down to my room to gather all our props and scripts and ballots and ...well, all that "stuff" needed for the day. Others grab my bags off the table and head toward the bus.

Thanks to my two heroes and a couple dozen great kids, everything and everyone was on the bus and we pulled out five minutes ahead of schedule.

The start of a terrific day....

Here's another little video I found online. Again, it has nothing to do with my post--I just like it!  When we get our digital storytelling class going, this will be an assignment...


  1. I'm surprised you could title this the start of a great day-but with your students so energetic and enthusiastic, how could you not? Glad they saved your day! And I loved your video-so clever & so inspirational for the digital story telling. I have a site for you to look up-must do it with Firefox or Google Chrome. It's a person who's doing all sorts of things with the visual. Just look up "Mr. Doob" & you'll find it. Happy day back, Deb!

  2. Wow, what a day for a Saturday morning!!! You are truly dedicated. And I just have to get with the video clips in my posts! Aha!, "Mr. Doob." Will have to take a look at that, too, Linda.

  3. The best laid plans ... I'm glad things worked out...your kids really rose to the occasion, though - they had such a can do up beat attitude!

  4. hehe, sounds like just the kind of thing my absent-minded brain would do! (I'm sure it's a lot funnier now than it was on Saturday, right?) Hope your contest went great!

    And the video is so neat! I love visuals that play with words! Reminds me of those little puzzles in the TV Guide.

  5. Oh my, what a start but things can only get better. Teamwork gets it done. I love the way you told this. That video is too fun! I wish I could be so creative.

  6. Actually, Jen, it was kind of funny on Saturday. I didn't really panic--just kept thinking of the next thing to do.

  7. Sometimes life just can't be easy. I loved the way it sounded like you were surrounded by energetic problem-solvers. People don't jump at the chance to help just anybody--there is a reason they were so willing to help you (perhaps it is the little things you do, like letting the bus driver know what time the students were coming).

    Love the video. I wonder how it translates to book. It was a paper book, right? The movement seemed so much a part of the meaning.

  8. Wow, you kept your head!-One Sunflower

  9. Wow, what a morning! Way to keep your cool and loved that everyone jumped in to help out! Sounds like the rest of the day only got better and better!

  10. That was a great video.
    And I love how things always work out. You can get upset and worry, or you can just let it flow and go. But it's definitely funner looking back on it!

  11. Keeping a positive outlook and looking for solutions to challenges - your students seem to be reinforcing what you are modeling for them. I hope the day had a great end, too.