Friday, January 27, 2012

How About a Little Cheese With That W(h)ine?

I got it. You hate to write. You enrolled in this class because the guidance department made you take another class and Drawing and Design was full.

I got it.

But do you really need to whine those words a million times a class period?

You whine about journal writing--even though I give you a topic to write about.
You whine when it's time to work on your draft--even though I gave you a topic to write about.
You whine when it's time to revise--even though I give you suggestions for revision.

You whine.

But you know what I think?

I think you are lazy. I think you don't want to think. I think that no matter what I say, you think Creative Writing should be a sluff class.

It's not.

In Creative Writing, WE WRITE  EVERY DAY.

Writing makes you think and feel and believe in something.  It strengthens brain muscles.
Writing helps you make sense of the world. It lets you explore the world around you.
Writing is joyful, and depressing, and illuminating. It is hard work.

There is no job out there where you will not have to write and communicate.  Suck it up and write.


  1. I think you should distribute a copy of this to your students! Or at least hang it outside your door!

  2. Me too! I was wondering if you could use the speech skills & deliver it? If the drawing & design class was the wish, tell 'him?' to 'draw' the words & 'design' the poem. Here's a link I just saw through the poetry Friday people. If it fits your expectation, maybe it will get 'him' going.

  3. I would like very much for you to come and deliver this speech to my 7th graders. I'll pay airfare. :)

  4. Writing IS illuminating. I love the part when you get to all the things writing does for 'you'! I am looking forward to the end of the semester post to this student. I have a feeling that after a few months with you, he will change his tune! Keep at it!

  5. Thanks ladies! Here's an interesting read about the teaching of writing I found this morning. In the second to last paragraph the author states that 45 writing students should be full time job. And it is...but I don't know how to convince administrators and other teachers of that!

  6. Oops--forgot the link

    1. Hello! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog in a post entitled "Tag.. I'm it!" Check it out and play along :)