Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Favorites: 2011

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The end of 2011 is also bringing to an end my first year blogging.  Although I didn't start Coffee With Chloe until March, I started a different blog elsewhere in January.  Last night I deleted that blog.  It just didn't fit with my blogging life.

As I read through many of my posts, I sometimes wondered how I had the nerve to publish some of them.  They certainly weren't very good. Others I read almost as if I was reading them for the first time--I almost didn't remember writing them.

And then there were the old friends.  The ones I loved as I was writing them. And, I think that love shows in the writing of them.  I always preach to kids to write what they love--I guess that goes for me too!

So, here they are, from the early ones to the latest ones. My favorites posts of this past year. Not necessarily the most popular--but the posts that I loved writing.

  1. Puppy Kisses  The first, the scariest.  I introduced Chloe and myself to a whole new world.  I'll never forget clicking "publish" for the first time and then figuring out how to link this post to the TWT site.  It amazes me I was that brave!
  2. Look Gramma, It's a Princess  I write many posts about the grandkids.  This story is a particular favorite. I still remember that day vividly.  I don't know that I did it justice with my words, but for me it was important to record the memory.
  3. Dance With the Red Dog  Another Chloe post.  I like this one because it gives readers a glimpse into my mornings.  This is a dance I perform daily.
  4. Goat Dog  I wrote a lot about Chloe at the beginning of this blog.  She is a constant source of inspiration.  
  5. Lake of the Spirit  "The Lake" is another favorite topic of mine.  This piece shares why. Also, it's the first time Alan Wright commented on a post of mine. I admire his blog so much so this seemed like a milestone!
  6. Today I Walk  Funny. This wasn't on my list last night, but as I saw the title this morning and I reread it, it made the list.  I miss my dad a lot.  And our school memory walk is something I am proud of since I was on the original committee that started it.  This piece still makes me cry.
  7. Just Read I am passionate about my teaching, my students and reading and writing.  This piece did create great conversation and introduced me to The Book Whisperer.
  8. Flying Books  A moment in my classroom that made a difference to a few kids.  At the end of the semester, a couple of them came and asked me if they could still check out books from my room even if they didn't have me for class next semester.  Now that's success.
  9. Let It Be Me  More than my teaching, I am passionate about my students.  There are always a few I would take home with me if I could.  This piece and the poem Throw Away Kids are about two of my students this year.  Unfortunately, the young lady in this piece has dropped out of school (well, technically, she's being home-schooled). I'm happy to say, the young man from Throw Away Kids and Just Gone is back and with me.    
  10. Time  This post ran through my head so many days that it almost wrote itself.  

So, from Chloe and I, our favorite posts.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a fun way to revisit old friends. I think I will do that when I reach 100. I look forward to rereading these (right now I only have access to Internet through my phone and it is so slow). So glad to hear the young man is back with you.

  2. Oh Deb, I went back & read your first one, because that's the only one I don't remember! I'm so glad you didn't break anything! And, it's so funny, but reading some of 'your' posts brings back memories for me too. We began almost at the same time last year & what a grand journey it has been, & great fun! I especially loved the 'flying books' & remember what a treasure you give to your students, & that was cemented with the treasure you give of yourself in 'let it be me'. Thank you for taking a memory lane walk, & with Chloe, & for all the supportive comments this past year. I appreciate every one! Happy new year!

  3. I was on "maternity leave" for this past year's SOLSC. Therefore, I enjoyed reading through your posts, especially the princess one (http://deb-day.blogspot.com/2011/03/look-gramma-its-princess.html). Thanks for posting your top ten Deb.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Deb, I am always engrossed by reading your posts. "Let it be me" put tears in my eyes and is easily one of my favorites. Your passion shows in everything you write. Thank you for the quick glimpse into this year of blogging.

  5. What an amazing year-end post! (And definitely an idea worth stealing!) I admire you for reading thru everything; I think I would be too embarrassed of some of my own posts to read them again. Your blog is a too reflection of who you are, Deb. Thank you always for writing and inspiring!

  6. What a great idea to re-visit your posts - sort of like flipping through the pages of ones' journal and seeing where we've been and what we've thought about. I've always enjoyed reading your posts, Deb and re-reading some of the "best of" this evening. Thank you!

  7. That was a like a visit with old friends! I clicked on them all- to revisit some and to catch up on some that I missed throughout the year.

    I toyed with this idea of reflecting through revisiting when I read Michelle's post about her parent's gift of her own slices. You are brave to dive in.

    Chloe is a worthy, loyal blogging companion and the source of some of my favorite pieces of yours!

    I especially love the Flying Books post that I previously missed. I cheered for you on that one!

    Here's to another year of words that matter!