Friday, August 19, 2011

Flying Books

High school kids always say they hate to read--especially the boys. They proudly proclaim that they never read. Haven't read a book since 6th grade. They just watch the movie and fake it.  Lots and lots of excuses. I, of course, find it amazing that they have never read a book that they liked. Too many teacher choices, I guess.

My second hour speech class is filled with those kids. I told them they had never read a book they liked because I was never their reading teacher. I said if they would be honest about it, I could find them books that would interest them.

The challenge was on.

"Find me one, Mrs. Day!"

"Me next!"

Me, Me, Me....

I started pulling down boxes and throwing out books.  Literally. (It's kind of fun to amaze them when the book actually lands on their desk.).

Five boys and a girl took books with them as they left today.  Alliterate, nonreaders. Kids who may actually try to read a book because I found books that interested them.

I'll have to check back in with them next week.

Hope it works!


  1. Love the pic! I just think you must be the greatest teacher, Deb. I too love to find books that will entice. I hope you'll tell us the books they read, & which one "did it"! Looking forward to more stories.

  2. Don't you just love to see the looks on their faces when you throw something. That itself is such a shocker to them. It's hard to resist picking it up to see if you were right. This should make for a great followup post!

  3. Don't you love this? You love the challenge as much as they love the challenge. Fly books! Fly away! Looking forward to follow up posts as well! Great start to the new year.

  4. I'm finding it a little harder with my freshman English kids. I don't know them as well....but I am finding a few

  5. Hope it works! So many kids are turned off reading because of forced assigned books.