Thursday, December 1, 2011


Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.  ~John Archibald Wheeler

My life is chaotic right now. I'm so tired at the end of the week, I can hardly wait for bed on Friday night. However, I put all the blame on the clocks in my life.  This is how this morning went as I tried to make it to school on time for a 7:30am rehearsal (anytime kids are willing to rehearse at 7:30, I am going to be there!).

  • got up, according to my bedroom clock, at 6:14am (never mind that my dear hubby sets his clock 15 minutes ahead. So that clock is at 6:34!)
  • walked downstairs and it was 6:21am  (I'm slow in the morning, but not that slow!) Start coffee and take a shower.  6:34 when I head to the living room, according to the clock on the stove--the one on the wall actually tells me it's 6:36
  • After checking email, Facebook, Twitter, and drinking a cup of coffee while watching the morning news, I left the living room at 7:04am and walked to the bathroom to dry my hair--arrived there at 7:07 (again, not that slow).
  • Got ready to leave the house. Kitchen clock said 7:21
  • Started car. Clock said 7:17 (Oooo, I'm speeding up!)
  • On school street the sign outside said 7:21(still good!  I'll make it on time. Understand I only live five blocks from school. I should make it on time.)
  • Walked into school building. One cafeteria clock said 7:28 the other said 7:31 (really--I don't walk that slow!) 
  • Office clock says 7:29
  • First hallway clock I pass says 7:30
  • Turn the corner to my room. Clock in my hallway--8:36!!!!!!  Arrrrgggghhhhh.
Really--I'm not making this stuff up.  I need to get my clocks together!


  1. Both hilarious & frustrating! You told it beautifully. We talk about this all the time-home & school. I don't think it helps to re-do the clocks. I'm tried & a week later, there they are again all over the place. But, were all the students there for rehearsal?

  2. Very funny post! Probably because it's so, so true in our lives. My husband and I talk about that, too. We call it time warping! You never know when you'll get somewhere. I love it when we get to our destination before we started.

  3. This is so true at my school too! Wonder why that is? And the tired thing, I can totally relate. I was in bed with the cat purring at my feet at 8:27, according to my clock.

  4. Thanks guys--glad to know I'm not alone. And, Linda, everyone was on time--me included!

  5. I thought I was the only one who got out of her car at 7:15 only to get to her classroom at 7:28 (without stopping to talk along the way). Time is funny like that! Your post had be cracking up. I love the way you kept insisting it wasn't that you walk slowly! I chuckled every time.

  6. Okay. I laughed out loud with this one because it is SO true! Every corner I turn in my house, the clock is different. The one in the bathroom is 10 min. fast -- yet I know this so it doesn't speed up the process of getting ready. The one in the living room is running slow, time to replace the battery, but why? I just add 5 min. The good news is at school we finally got the "atomic" clocks so they are all the same! Of course, school time is somehow different than the rest of my world, so I have to change my watch to "school" time to be on time! Just too funny! Thanks for the laugh today Deb!