Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Parade

It's Saturday morning at the lake--check out day for those who rent cabins. As I sit here reading and writing this post, the parade of cars and boats has been constant.

They look tired, these vacationers. They cram a lot of fun into seven days. Late nights, early mornings, hot weather, swimming boating, trips to Arnold's Park.  Lots of vacation in seven days.  And (to me), they also look sad as they see me sitting under my umbrella with a mug of coffee in my hand. Oh, if we only had a trailer like that I hear them think as they pass by.

In a couple of hours, there will be a parade of a different kind. The new renters. Full of excitement, they will unload what they believe they will need for a week of fun in the sun. Much too much stuff, but for now, it seems essential. The floaties will appear on the beach. Towels will be flung over the deck railings, wood piled beside the fire pit, coolers close at hand. And they will cram a summer's worth of fun into seven days.

And then, they will leave.

Chloe and her new haircut!
Chloe watches the vacationers intently as they leave today. She knows she's a lucky dog. We'll be here for a couple of weeks. And even when we leave, we'll be back in a week. They will have to wait another year.


  1. We watch that happen here in Maine too. We just got in the parade this afternoon to go somewhere among the throng of excited out of state vacationers. I get that same feeling of "I get to do this alll the time"'. Enjoy that cup of coffee and the parade!

  2. I love the way you put in those details, like what things happen when the newbies arrive. It's an easy-to-read post, showing so much how you are reveling so much in the pleasure of staying. When we used to stay over until Monday some weekends at our condo while skiing, I thought similar thoughts as we heard car doors & trunks slam shut, & people pull away on Sunday. You & Chloe have a gift & I know from all you've written that you enjoy it thoroughly!