Lake Morning

You know when you get those silly emails from friends that ask you to answer questions like "What are you wearing right now?" or "What's your favorite--beer or milk?". One of the questions is often, "What's your favorite smell?"  I always answer "the lake". I wish I had the words to describe the smell in the air and the feel of the breeze this morning. I've been sitting here enjoying it for over an hour and thinking of all the words I could use to describe them. But nothing would do them justice.

Here in Iowa, we have been under an excessive heat warning since Saturday. It is supposed to last until Wednesday night or Thursday. That means while the temperature is in the upper 90's, the added humidity makes it feel MUCH warmer--like around 110-115 degrees. That's hot. And there's only two places to be when it's this hot. In the air conditioning or in the lake.  Saturday I spent in the lake. Sunday I spent in the air conditioning (I meant to go in the lake, but I watched the women's soccer game instead). I'm not complaining , though. This is MUCH better than the snow day we had in April. I told my friends at lunch last winter that I couldn't wait for the days when I would sit and sweat.  These are those days!

This morning, however, is heavenly.  I'm sitting in the shade, with the breeze in my face and Chloe at my feet. And I'm not sweating! So here we will sit until the sun and the heat force us inside. But for now, the dishes, the bed and the dusting can all wait. I think I'll have another cup of coffee.


  1. Sounds so very lovely, just sitting & enjoying the day with your Chloe. Nice to hear, and thanks for the photo too. If I just close my eyes...

  2. Thanks--It's my view from the deck in the morning

  3. Oh Deb, you bring such wonderful memories back to me. I can smell the lake; hear the waves, people, boats, birds, and wind through the trees. I can't think that heaven could be better! I'm with you let everything else go.

  4. Mmmm. I love lake smell! I also like ocean smell. It's funny how the two bodies of water are so different, but both so yummy! It has been sweltering here, too. I lived in southern Minnesota for about 10 years, and boy could it get hot there! And COLD there for that matter! People think Maine gets cold, but absolutely not like MN, WI, and IA! Enjoy your heat, for the cold cometh again!


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