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Grandma here.  I've been spending a lot of time with you boys this summer and got to thinking about all the things I want for you. The things Grandma thinks are important for boys to know.  I know about boys, you know. I raised your dads...I took them fishing, taught them how to throw a ball and how to catch one, hid some things from grandpa and made grandpa deal with others. I know about boys. 

1. Don't assume your mom can't do something just because she's a girl.  Moms are tougher than you know. So are grandmas.

2. Be nice to your sisters. This is how you will learn to be nice to your future girlfriends.

3. Learn to cook. You shouldn't have to depend on the women in your life to feed you. Pay attention to your grandpa, dad and uncle. They are pretty good at it!

4. Learn basic car maintenance.  The women in your life will expect you to know something about this.

5. Pick up your clothes, do your own laundry, figure out the iron. Especially the iron. If you buy a piece of clothing that demands an iron, then be man enough to use it.

6. No matter what your dad tells you, "Febreze and forget" is not a laundry solution!

7. Wrap presents that you give to the women in your life--a Walmart bag with a bow is not wrapping.

8. Flowers are an appropriate gift for any occasion.

9. Temper tantrums are less and less cute the older you get. You won't always get your own way. Learn to compromise with those around you.

10. Don't be a stupid sophomore boy forever.  Think for yourself. Be yourself.

11. Reading is cool. I have a long list of great books for you to read.  Ask me!

12. New isn't always better (well, except maybe with technology). Check out some old movies, old books, old music. You will find some really fun things.

13. Don't be afraid to try new things.

14. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.  Mistakes are good when you learn from them (and there's no such thing as perfect.)

15. Dance.  You don't have to be good. But most women like to dance and want a man who will go out onto the dance floor with them.  So just dance!

16. Keep having fun. Laugh. Be silly.  Even when you are a grown up.

17. Find something you are passionate about and keep it in your life. It might not be your job (although that is ideal), but if you do something with passion, the rest of your life will be happier.

18. Love your family--even when you don't like them very much. Make the time to stay connected.


  1. Love this list! You do know a lot about boys and you provided such great advice! Hope you share this with the boys. Love #1, 2, 10, 11....ok, I love them all!

    What a sweet, sweet post. :)

  2. Me, too! This is so special, Deb. What a gift to give to your grandsons. I imagine they will take some to heart bit by bit as they grow up, and their future partners will appreciate your wisdom quite a lot as well. A great piece of writing, too!

  3. The granddaughter one is coming. I have another post I have to write first

  4. Excellent post. So true. Now have this printed and hand out to all boys. Get a graphic design student to make it pretty and sell on email. You will make tons. #4 - I always expect a man to know car maintenance and it ticks me off when they don't. Isn't it in their handbook somewhere? I mean men expect women to know how to take care of children and the house. They could at least come with knowledge of cars and fixing things. Love #7 (made me laugh) and #15.

  5. Ahhh, I love your list and feel lucky that you decided to share it here too. Thank you.


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