Day 1 


Just start.

Put your fingers on the keys.

Let the words come. Let them choose themselves. 

You know they are there.

Waiting for you to release them.


Just start.


August has always been the beginning of a new year for me. Much more than January. When August 1st came around, it seemed like things were shiny and new again. New school clothes, new shoes, new school supplies, and a new calendar. Even now, having been retired for four years, it's the start of a new year. 

And today will also be the start of something new in our house.

Today we pick out our new puppy.

We know her name is Sophie. We just don't know which one it will be.

When we chose Jake and Chloe, they each crawled into my lap and cuddled. I guess, really, they chose us. So today when we go looking at puppies, we'll wait and see which little girl chooses us.


  1. Ready and waiting for Sophie pics! A new year is the perfect time to regroup. Love hearing from you.

  2. So good to hear from you. I saw the pic of the puppy on FB. Adorable.


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