Friday, April 2, 2021

Pause Before Spring



I did that. 

I haven't written anything in a couple of weeks and I certainly haven't blogged (January 11 was my last post!). But, it's hard to visit Coffee With Chloe when Chloe isn't around. 

And COVID absolutely paused me.

  • no visiting 
  • no traveling
  • no grandkids
  • no holidays
Just Greg and I.

But now we have TWO shots! We can start making plans!  
  • Josh and Kara's wedding
  • vacations with Sue and Larry
  • visiting friends
  • and most importantly, family time
My OLW, Grace, allowed the pause this year. Grace gives me time to think. Grace gives me progress, not perfection. 

But now might be the time to SPRING action--or at least SPRING into my writing life again.  Time to get into those writing projects I've been dabbling with. Time to make some plans.  



  1. Yes, spring is a good time for action.

  2. Yay!! I love how you intertwined the two prompts!

  3. You and Greg have so many things to look forward to!
    Grace is a beautiful word.

  4. I just got my second shot also. I, too, am ready to spring forward - and am always thankful for grace. We have the hardest time extending it to ourselves, sometimes...and here's to all the writing lying just ahead!

  5. Look how ready you are to spring into the days after vaccinations.

  6. Good to see you here. I am happy that you have two shots and the world opens up for you again.

  7. awww... we are so excited to spring... just dave and I and our kids and grands in all different parts of the country... yipee... so good to hear your voice and drink in your coffee :) xo

  8. Those shots make such a difference, don't they? I hope you have so much fun!

  9. I'm glad you were brave and opened the post box here. I've been missing Chloe and thinking about you missing her, too.

  10. Yay for you! I've been missing your writing, and at the same time, I imagined how difficult it must be to enter this space without Chloe. (I miss her too, just from your posts!) I hope that with time, this will feel like a space where you can remember her with joy and love. This pause has been hard on all of us in so many ways. So glad you're finding ways to spring into new things while giving yourself that much-needed grace!


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