She Chose Us

 We knew when we lost Chloe last fall, that there would be another dog in our lives. As my husband tells everyone, "We're dog people". 

And we are.

And our home has been really empty. 

But in a couple of weeks, it will be full of puppy love.

Meet Sophie.

Everything just fell into place...
  • She came from our niece's cousin on the other side of her family
  • She was born on my husband's birthday
  • From pictures, this is the pup both of us "secretly" wanted
From the moment we stepped into Brian and Karen's house, Sophie (because she definitely is a Sophie), was not afraid. She came right to us, brought us toys to play with, let us hold her, and gave us puppy kisses. It was almost like she was saying, "Pick me! Pick me! I'm the one you want!"

She chose us.

And we couldn't be happier!


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