#SOSMagic: The Pile


Here it is.

My TBR pile.

All the books Mom has given me in the last few months. She says they're great. I'll really enjoy them. 

And yet. 

They sit beside my bookshelf.


Waiting for me to dive in and devour them now that I have more time to read.

But, I don't.

Because --

Every. Single. One. is a World War II novel. Most are set in Germany. Some in camps. Some about strong women who fight. Some about survival.

But I just can't do it.

With all the crap going on in the world United States, I just can't read these. Right now I need books that are happy, fluffy, uplifting. A good mystery will do, so will a story of family. But WWII novels, dystopian novels. Nope.

So for now, these are going to stay piled beside my bookshelf.



  1. Dear Deb: I so understand this need for lighter reading fare...our brains and souls are hungering for the positive, the hopeful, the better side of human nature...in our need to grieve.

  2. I understand this 100%. I have a huge stack waiting too--but maybe especially right now, we have to find something to bring comfort and hope, something that can be a light. My stack of books is waiting too. Someday!

  3. Recently, I have found myself putting books down when there's too much tension. I just can't handle the additional stress these days, even though it may be fictional. I can fully understand your need to retreat to something a bit lighter.

  4. Oh Deb...how quickly our thoughts jumped to WW2 our fathers...what they fought for. I am ready for some ligt and fluffy. Even in my Bible study we are doing Matthew 5-7... I do think the whole world needs to review that text XO

  5. I have so many books waiting for me too, and many of them are also the serious kind that just feel too heavy right now. Hugs, Deb!


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