The MAGIC of 2020

Who knew when I picked my One Little Word, MAGIC, last December, that we would find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic and become so isolated.  Crazy how the world has changed in these past months.

I could list all the things I've missed this year--and trust me, my notebook contains lists--but there was still lots of MAGIC to be found!

  • Technology saved us. Video chats with family became a lifeline. Video happy hours were a hoot. 
  • We watched last spring arrive with anticipation. We noted each new sign of spring: buds on trees, the arrival of the robins, how the sun seemed warmer each day. We often sat outside in the sun, still in winter coats, and drank a glass of wine, talking about what we would do when the weather was warmer.
  • We appreciated going to the lake like never before. It became a place of safety and refuge, where we could still see family and friends at a safe distance.
  • We took advantage of warm weather and made a couple of road trips with our favorite traveling partners. A week in South Dakota in June, and a long weekend in Bayfield, Wisconsin in September, kept a sense of normalcy to the summer months. Greg and I also took a couple of day trips where we could do things outside.
Of course, summer and lake time had to end and we are once again sticking close to home and isolating as much as we can. Both sons have had COVID--both on their birthdays! How did they manage that? And since the oldest and his family are still experiencing the effects of the d^*n virus, we decided to postpone our family Christmas for now

But the MAGIC continues:
  • Winter walks have become my salvation. It's fun to walk and pay attention to what's happening in my neighborhood. There are several Little Libraries that have sprung up and I've been adding to them. I watched and smiled as people put up Christmas decorations a little earlier than normal. And my favorite is hearing the kids play outside and the laughter and giggles they lift up into the world.
  • There is beauty in the aftermath of snowstorms. Although walking will be a little difficult at times. I did buy myself some new "sneaker boots" and hope they will help keep me on my feet.
  • Technology is once again the MAGIC that connects us. We'll still video chat with the kids. The grandkids like House Party and will check in with the old folks once in a while. There's a couple of online concerts we might check out. And, of course, movies! Lots and lots of movies.
The only dark spot that I can't find the magic in, is losing our beloved Chloe to cancer on Thanksgiving day. She made our days brighter and always gave us something to laugh about. That was her magic. 
In her memory, a couple of my favorite posts about her (you don't have to read them all-they're mostly for me):


  1. I enjoyed your moments of magic, and I am so sorry for the loss of Chloe.

  2. Awww...I'm sorry about Chloe and your sons getting COVID. I'm getting to be quite a Zoom nerd myself and love it because we felt like we were in the room with our grand kids. I'm going to check out House Party! Happy New Year. XO

  3. I have to say some MAGIC was needed more than ever in 2020! I love the word. I am most captivated by its connection to winter walks in the aftermath of a snowstorm. I get a sense of fierce beauty. I think an archive of favorite posts is a great way to end a year and begin a new one - with more magic, even if not the OLW. :)

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  5. And my heart goes out to you about Chloe. The loss of a dog is so hard. I understand the heartache.

  6. Especially during tough times it is valuable to find the magic. And it is absolutely ok to feel all the sadness that missing Chloe brings. He was a fabulous dog writer and as a reader I will miss his observations and comments.

  7. Deb,
    I've been thinking about you and losing Chloe. I don't know how to respond, but I know I'm sad. Chloe was a sweet one and holds a special place in the hearts of many. I read your post yesterday, but haven't figured out the right time to tell Sam. I realize now that there is no good time. I mentioned to Andy yesterday, "Deb Day lost Chloe on Thanksgiving."

    He responded, "The dog who writes? That's a hard loss."

    It makes me realize how simple it is to connect with one another. Here we were, complete strangers, and you started a blog and told some stories. Chloe hijacked it to tell the rest of the story...she was demanding, wasn't she? And a little boy read her posts and left her a comment.

    Sweet Chloe decided they should be pen pals. The little boy read and read and read the books Chloe sent. And he kept writing and pretending and imagining.

    I thought, "Oh my, Chloe is so young," and then I realized that time tricked me and it's been a lot of years. There have been a lot of stories. Sam will be 15 this month, a freshman in high school. And I know those blue eyes of his will blink fast to try to hold back the tears when he hears about Chloe.

    Chloe was magic and she offered magic when I needed it most. Having a dog who writes for a penpal was a special part of Sam's childhood. It was special for me, too, to know that he could still have magical memories even with the darkness that came when we adopted Stephanie. Thank you for showing Chloe how to love so well.



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