Chloe Writes: Dogboys Have Cooties

Dogboys have cooties. You know that, right?
They're loud
      They never settle down
              And they're down right NOSY
What good are they anyway?

Dogboys. Ugh...

I was so excited to go to my BFF Bella's house last weekend. I would get to spend time with Bella, play with the kids, maybe get a few little snacks from Max :)

Battle for the pop tart
I raced to the door as soon as we pulled in their driveway. Of course, it took Mom forever to get to the door. Couldn't she just let me in the house and THEN unpack the car? Or just let Dad unpack. Geez.
Finally, I ran in the house and stopped dead in my tracks.

There was another dog there. A dogboy.

Now I love my peopleboys. They like to cuddle and play fetch and run. Sometimes they even share food with me (but only when Mom and Dad aren't watching). But dogboys are gross (well, except for Teddy, my other BFF. But he's family, like Bella, so he doesn't count).

Dogboys never leave you alone.

Everywhere I went, he followed me.  Mom and Dad thought I was afraid of him, BUT I WASN"T!
I just didn't want him sniffing me all the time. GROSS!

I did everything I could think of.....
    I sat on the couch by Mom
        I hid in the kitchen
            I even jumped over the back of the chair
                I even growled a little bit

but, nothing worked. He just wouldn't take the hint. I didn't want to play with him. I just wanted to see Bella.

He did go home in a little while. I thought, "Good Riddance!" But (you won't believe this) he came back the next day!

What I really don't like is I think Bella wanted to play with him more than me! And Mom and Dad thought he was soooooo cute and nice just because he's younger than me.

But he' not! He's a dogboy.

And everybody knows, dogboys have cooties!


  1. I think my dog has a neighbor she isn't too fond of either. She would call it DogBounce.

  2. I think my dog has a neighbor she isn't too fond of either. She would call it DogBounce.

  3. I think my dog has a neighbor she isn't too fond of either. She would call it DogBounce.

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  5. Chloe, so glad to hear from you again! This visit sounds rather trying. So glad you were able to vent here.

  6. We haven't heard from Chloe in a long, long time. I understand perfectly, Chloe-those 'dog boys' are just not very polite, are they? Hope these visits don't last very long!

  7. Thanks for the laugh on this snowy morning! I understand your issue, it's that constant sniffing that's most annoying.

  8. Poor Chloe--I hope she figures out a way to put this new dog boy in his place where he can forget about the sniffing! That would be annoying!

  9. Funny! It took just a moment to realize the voice in this slice (it's snowing badly out there and I' already worrying about my commute home!) - but when it clicked, I could totally picture Chloe's disgust. Hope she's recovered!

  10. haha, very cute! I especially liked the staggered list of ways Chloe tried to get away!

  11. Chloe, those dogboys can be a pain, can't they! Hope you had a good time regardless.

  12. Chloe it's so good to hear from you again. Max can really relate to your dogboy and I'm sure he would agree that they have cooties!


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