Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Reminder

Here it is, almost August, and it seems wherever I look, there are reminders about school....

This past Saturday, my husband and I spent the day at his family reunion. He has four siblings and they all have kids and most of the kids have kids, so even though not everyone could make it, that's a lot of people.

And dogs, did I mention dogs?


Our youngest son was able to make it for awhile with his youngest son, Max. Max is two and a half and since he could move, he's been a climber.

Max loved the playground at the park. It was one of those all in ones with three slides, a bridge, ladders, and steps. Perfect for a boy who loves to climb. 

And of course, Max wanted to try everything the big kids did, quickly learning which things he could climb and which gave him "owies" when he fell ( three times!). The rope ladder seemed to be his favorite, although at first he needed a little support. So side by side they went up the ladder, as he watched what his cousin was doing. And don't all of us need a little support when we learn something new? Isn't it nice to have someone at our side to show us how to do something and encourage us as we go through the process?

The top step was a little long, especially the first few times, so a helping hand at the top was a great thing. I loved that the girls clapped and said, "Good job, Max!" when he got to the top. And we need that too, don't we? We need someone who appreciates our efforts and knows how hard we worked to learn that new thing.

Soon, Max was racing up that ladder all by himself. And then the prize for making it up the ladder....

The Twisty Slide! The end goal. The end must be worth the climb! Because who's going to put in all that effort in learning if the end result isn't worth it? 

So, as I begin planning lessons, I need to remember to give those new students lots of support as they start a new school year, and write and read alongside them to show them how it's done. I need to give them a helping hand when they need it and celebrate when they accomplish their goals. And, above all, it's got to be worth the effort!


  1. This post is full of really good reminders as we go back to school and planning lessons. Thanks! (The pictures are adorable, too!)

  2. The end must be worth the climb...I think sometimes the hardest part of teaching is getting students to see this...and some days even teachers!

  3. A helping hand and a celebration - our students really appreciate these.

    lovely photographs!

  4. We all need that helping hand and acknowledgement of accomplishment. Those words of encouragement go so much further than the opposite. Thanks for the reminder to always encourage.

  5. I guess it's the way of a teacher, seeing lessons/learning as life happens. It takes a special teacher to implement and apply those lessons. Your kids will be in for a treat next year.

  6. I love the pictures of Max and your reflection - lots of support, a helping hand, and celebrations.

  7. How natural the support and celebration--I love that and the pictures. I love the girl's earnest expression as she offers her hand to Max. Lending a hand is serious business. What really stuck for me though is the worthiness idea: "The end must be worth the climb."

  8. I love your blog and your infectious enthusiasm for teaching! I am wondering about your section called About Chloe and I - I think it should read About Chloe and Me! Keep up the fanastic work - you are so inspiring!