Just for Today

I arrived at school this morning and saw the big, pink comfy chair sitting in my reading/writing center. It called to me. I wanted to sit, but I know if I do, nothing will get done. I started this poem instead. One of my students told me I could call it Whiny Wednesday....


Eyes droopy
Head aches
Throat sore

I'm whiny
I don't want to correct papers
I don't want to teach
I don't want to do nothin'

Just for today
I want to be the kid in the comfy chair
          in the hall
          in my sweats
I want to put my earbuds in and
I want to play with my own writing
Throw the words around on paper
         and see how they fit
I want to open a new book and
         sink into its world
         not coming up to breathe
I shut the door on the very last page

Just for today....


  1. Can it be a comfy couch so I can join you?

  2. LOL. I had a couple of students tell me they are going to find me a couch. The chair is in my room now. I gave in to temptation and am now grading creative writing in it

  3. Ah-h! We had a blue chair-so wonderfully inviting. Hope you aren't really ill, but just tired. I love that line "throw the words around on paper".

  4. We all have those days and just have to give into them. So glad you could be comfy and still do some work. Love your line about opening a new book and sink into its world not coming up to breathe until I shut the door on the very last page! But you forgot the cup of tea or glass of wine!!!

  5. I love the part from "Just for today" and on. Sounds like my kind of day. ;) I wonder how often kids feel like that in school?

  6. Oh, to dream. I wanted to just find a chair beside you, chat for a bit, write for a bit, laugh for a bit. I like the way you transitioned the mood of the poem with "just for today." Delightful.

  7. How nice to even have a comfy chair at school! And I'm assuming those great kids brought it into your room for you. Love so much about your wording!


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