Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Don't Wanna Write Either!

5:52pm. I've been home for about five minutes.

I was sick for five days. In those five days, five mountains of work piled up.

Creative Writing pieces to grade.  DONE

English 9 assignments to correct.

Speech outlines to look over.  DONE

Midterms are due at 8  DONE

My speech contest registration is due tomorrow.  DONE

45 Speech events to get rehearsed in five days.

Writing Curriculum work to do.

Three letters of recommendation to write Done

I don't wanna write. I don't have time.

Too much to do. Too little time.

But write I will, even with no time to think, because it's Tuesday and I must. It's part of me now. In one short year, writing has become an even  more important part of my life than it had been before. And because I took the time to write why I don't wanna (thanks, Ruth), I now have a plan of attack.

Later, Gator.  Must tackle the list!


  1. "Time slips away
    One can
    Use it"
    was my feeling when I got the "dreaded awfuls" for a week too! But I was able to do some writing during the latter days of sick, and it was good to have some sense of normalcy that writing now gives! My best wishes for a speedy recovery and a grand attack of the stack!

  2. I am overwhelmed for you, just looking at that list! I am so glad you took the time and pushed yourself to write, even when you didn't wanna! I always look forward to your slices. Remember: You can only do what you can do.

  3. So sorry you were knocked out for five days! That's awful! I know it's worse when you do get better and the piles grew and grew. Take care of yourself.

  4. Sometimes it's best to write about what you cannot write about or don't have time to write about, isn't it?

  5. Glad you are feeling better. You sounded refreshed sharing your list. I wish I could come over and help. Instead, happy thoughts are sent your way. Loved how your thoughts were connected to Ruth's.

  6. 45 speech events! Plus! I'm sorry you've been ill. Playing catch up is not fun, & I admire you for stepping up to write-& I also hope you tell your students that you did. They will applaud, I bet. Best wishes for no more sickness, & someone to cook for you. It's a terrific post!

  7. Tackle that list and win! Glad that you wrote today:)

  8. Thanks for taking the time to write today. It does become a part of you -- can you believe we made it a year of blogging? Cheers!

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to help out on Twitter too! :) Your idea was perfect and my "Loving It Blog Posts" board is filling up!

  9. Even the way you frame an 'I don't want to write post' is entertaining and writerly. Sorry you've been ill and the work has piled up. Don't forget to give yourself time to breathe. The work will get done.

  10. You have done an outstanding job--creating a perfect slice of life. It's all relevant--"I don't wanna."

  11. Wow, what a list! No wonder you didn't feel like writing! I'm glad you did anyway though. Isn't that the great thing about Tuesday slicing? Be sure to give yourself a nice long break when all those "to-do"s are done! :-)

  12. Your list overwhelmed me and then at the end I feel hope. Writing relieves stress too! Thanks for sharing. :)
    PS -- Did you finish your list or did more just pile on?


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