Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Teacher

I am super teacher.
         (Hear me roar)
I read 
        so I can share the good books
I write
        so I know the fear of the blank page struggle
I rehearse
        so they may know the sound of applause
I counsel
         because no one else will listen
I laugh
          and share the joy
I cry
          and share the pain
I correct
          so they learn the right way
I conference
           so their writing has meaning
I attend meetings No one else has time for
            because no one else cares enough to go


Doing to Much
Not Asking for 
Is the Kryptonite of the

Good Intentions are 
Not Enough

I dropped the ball
I'm sorry


  1. Beautifully written, and that last part-intriguing. I wish you to add a third part about forgiveness that super teachers do drop the ball sometimes and cannot, no matter how hard they try, be all things to all students. I love the structure of this, Deb.

  2. Oh Deb, you do so much, surely there is forgiveness for dropping the ball. This is so eloquent, and so true. Hang on!

  3. I've had days when I have doubted myself. It's hard to be a super teacher (which you certainly are). We cannot be everything to everyone. Sometimes we have to remember we have to be true to ourselves too. When we nourish ourselves we are able to nurture others so much more.

  4. Perhaps it wasn't dropped, but carefully set down in order to find balance and sanity.

    1. You know, Mrs. L, I began to think this myself. Maybe I just needed to delete something on my list. The students involved don't seem too upset!

  5. I love the stillness after the mad dash to the door every night. Reflecting through writing is powerful and can really help us in our work with students and even our teacher buddies. I've given up the krptonite and am just being me...lately and that seems to involve the word 'sorry'.

  6. oh my gosh...I just noticed I want a bookstore and coffee shop too....with retired teachers loving on kids!!! Where do you live? We could invest in yours !

    1. Nanc
      I live in northeast Iowa. But in a couple of years it could be anywhere!

  7. Ooh, I needed to read this today, my Krytonite level is pretty high. But, the day will pass and we get a shot at a whole new one to do better tomorrow.

  8. A beautiful poem, although your ending makes me sad. The first stanza is such an amazing description of a teacher! I especially love the reasons you gave for why you do all those things -- they are so powerful. The part about laughing and crying with your students is very moving too. Don't be discouraged. Nobody can do it all, and nobody should. Be proud of what you are able to do!

  9. When we drop the ball, perhaps there were too many to juggle just then. Just bow politely and start again!

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and passions. I was nodding in agreement. I hope you have felt encouraged, for I agree with Mrs. L, balance for your sanity. I also agree with Donna. Hugs through a post.

  11. Thank you all. I knew if anyone understood, it would be my TWT community. My students told me today...let it go. We're fine. Evidently, I did everyone a favor

  12. Oh Deb! I feel myself heading to one of these crashes very soon. This has been an overwhelming week of saving the world one adolescent at a time. I have not been sleeping enough, I am juggling helping single students during a class with 31 students. I needed your reminder to stop and breathe, to avoid the kryptonite!! I love the rhythm of your words as much as I love their meaning.

    Remember: Mrs. Day on a dropped-the-ball-day is still far more powerful than many of the high school teachers I know on one of their best days!!

    1. Thanks, Christy. You always make me feel better

  13. Deb, you mentioned a Pinterest board on Michele's comment. Will you find me and follow me, or let me know your Pinterest name? A board for ideas is a terrific way to save!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'll look for you. My Pinterest is under mrsday75. Same as twitter!

  14. Wow, what more can I say Deb? Just awesome! Your words connect. Your words feel. Your words mean so much. I felt the weight of that ball dropping . . . We are all allowed to make mistakes - it happens, but it's the reflection and learning after. The ball dropped? So, what can I do next time? (I'd go with option #1: Delete something off the list!)

    What a start to the pre-March challenge! Keep it coming!

  15. How very true! You put my days into words. The irony is that we have to apologize so often for doing so much.

  16. Dear Deb,

    The "Super" in front of the teacher comes from the passion and care in your heart. May-be sometimes good intentions are not enough, but nevertheless you should be counting and celebrating the successes. You know you do all you can and always a bit more. This time listen to your students, let it go.
    I hope that today was a much better day, with many reasons to smile.

  17. The structure pulls me in, puts me in a rhythm. It happens that way in life took doesn't it? We go through the motions. Reading kids, touching lives...then suddenly the kryptonite strikes. When you shifted the structure at the end, I felt jolted. Just as I do when I drop the ball.

    I'm glad you wrote this. I hope you are being as gentle with yourself as you are with others around you.


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