Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Short Year

Chloe went into be spayed on Monday. It was a lonely day.

In one short year
You grabbed ahold of our hearts
And did not let go.
How did we exist when you weren't here?

Without you here

I don't need to
Hide my flip flops so you don't chew them up.
I don't need to
Keep the peanut butter and chocolate
Off the counter
So you can't eat them.

Without you here

I can leave the bathroom door open.
I don't have to worry about
What's in the garbage.

Without you here

I can go to the store without
You wanting to go too.
I can eat in the living room without
You pouting and wanting some.

Without you here
there is

No whining to play.
No head in my lap.
No puppy dog eyes.

Without you here
Who will welcome us home
With wagging butt and
Jumps of Joy?

How did we exist without you?


  1. Very nice. All the inconveniences don't amount to squat when it comes down to the welcome home and jumps of joy. Thanks for slicing today, Ruth

  2. I love the idea of 'without you here'. It's such a special relationship with pets, & without them, what would you do? Chloe is very cute, also. I still worry about what I have our on the counter because of a cat we had of long ago-old habits, and memories!

  3. So very true...we maneuver around our pets but they make our lives so much richer. I can't imagine how empty our home would feel without our four-legged friends. Beautiful piece. I hope that Chloe feels better soon.

  4. Chloe is such a doll! I can read that she has a very special place in your heart. Lovely poem.

  5. This is a wonderful tribute to Chloe. Your words created a wonderful picture of Chloe and your relationship with her.

  6. I love the wagging butt. It is so true! It is not just the tail that wags when you are being welcomed home. Your poem is beautiful. I am so glad it is just about her being gone for a temporary stay at the vet. It so evocative of the feeling you get when you come home to an empty house after the loss of a pet. Powerful!

  7. Chloe can write as we know from her posts. I hope that she can read too. I wonder whether she would thank you for the compliment on her puppy dog eyes or ask for some peanut butter and chocolate.

  8. She would definitely ask for the peanut butter and chocolate!