Tuesday, January 9, 2018

#SOL18 Summer Sunday in the Midst of Winter

School Sundays. Wake up

  • Coffee
  • Grading
  • Planning
  • More Grading
  • More Planning
  • Bed
  • No fun

I love Summer Sundays because they are relaxed and easy. Some are pajama days and lazy. Doing nothing but reading and enjoying the nice weather.  Others may find us golfing or going somewhere fun. Most find us gathering together in the late afternoon for friends, cool drinks, watching sunset and supper of some kind. 

Since I've retired, Sundays have been easy, but kind of boring. There's not much to do around here in the winter. But this past Sunday, Greg and I headed to a sports bar in the area where two friends were playing music during the afternoon. It was perfect. 

First of all, we love the music our friends play. I call it "Mom's Night At the Stereo" music. I can sing the words to every song. They make me happy. We also get to visit with the guys between sets and that too is nice. We talk about other friends, what's happening in the statehouse and music. There was another old friend there that we don't see very often and a visit with him is always a treat. He filled us in on happenings in his life since we last saw him and enjoyed the music with us.

Later we headed home to Red Lobster leftovers and a night watching the Golden Globes. The day was spent relaxing and enjoying friends. A Summer Sunday in the midst of winter.


  1. Days of the week take on a new look when retired and that I love! Had to laugh at "Mom's Night At the Stereo," I know just what you mean.

  2. It is different, but I'm glad you found your own way of doing a "summer Sunday", Deb. Usually I play lots of catch up on Sundays, instead of the old-times prep for the school week. Sundays always seem to stretch big, and I like the time.

  3. Nothing beats music and relaxing with friends. So glad you had this delightful Summer Sunday in the middle of winter. Here's to less boredom and more fun!

  4. Summer Sunday in the midst of winter sounds divine! And lots of fun!

  5. It seems like you are adjusting to your 'new life' very nicely, Deb. I know there is an adjustment period, but new experiences have a way of filling in the nooks that were left by old ones. Keep searching out those new adventures! (And keep writing about them.)

  6. I'm nearing the age of retirement, and truthfully, it scares me more than a little. How will I fill up that time? Your post reminds me that there will be life after teaching. Thank you!