Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wolf Moon

Racing through the doorway
Bouncing on walls
Shouting whatever come into their heads

Never sitting

Always Touching
Always poking
Always shoving

Brains disengaged
Silly questions
Random conversations
No intelligent thought to be had

LOUD movements
LOUD voices
LOUD laughter

Does it happen to you too?  
Can you tell there is a full moon 
looking at the calendar 
or hearing it on the news?

The following video has nothing to do with my poem or the full moon.  It made me smile today as I head off to school so thought I would share with the people I know will appreciate it the most!


  1. Thanks for the video; it's wonderful, will share it with everyone! And the poem is just right! Yes, we all talk about it at school; the kids don't seem able to settle! It affects me too. I have more energy & stay up later. Last night we were awakened by a pack of coyotes having some kind of celebration I think. I hope it wasn't over someone's cat! We live in a suburban neighborhood, but by a park & near a large lake & park, so often get the wild things coming through. The moon was lighting their way this time.

  2. What a wonderful poem!! It reminds me of the good times in a 7th grade classroom!!!??? The video is outstanding. I finally bought a Kindle and love its features, but still love the book. I go to the library to look at the covers!!! Thanks for all the inspiration today!!

  3. I read on TWT that you were writing about a full moon & I thought I wonder if her kids get as crazy as mine?

    Love the poem. It's a universal truth, I think. Teaching adolescents takes guts.
    Teaching adolescents during a full moon takes guts and a willingness to lose your sanity! :)

    Yep, I can always tell.


  4. LOVED that video - almost like a child's dream of what happens in libraries and bookstores. As for that poem - yep, that's what it's like teaching middle school...love it though I do, it's exhausting!

  5. Your poem captured the full moon crazies! I nodded my head in agreement all the way through. As for the video - incredible! I can't imagine the time it took to film that. Love, love it! You did pick the right audience.

  6. Add to a full moon that our 8th graders are already having High School Orientation and registration! School has been cuh-razy lately. I love that your post feels like a conversation with you today!

  7. As I read the comments about the full moon and middle school kids, all I kept thinking was, "yeah, and you should try it with a room full of kindergartners or first graders!" Maybe we're all a little nuts. :)
    Loved this and am glad you wrote it.

  8. haha, great poem! You described those crazy days perfectly.

  9. This is great! I love your poem, so true! And the video just makes me happy - thank you!

  10. Not only was there a full moon, but a snow storm a couple of days later.....the craziness didn't stop