Monday, December 26, 2011

A Peek Inside: My New Notebook

I started a new writer's notebook last month--my geekiness is showing, isn't it? I love it.  It's actually a notebook that I sent for a year ago and GOT FREE!  A cool free notebook--does life get better than this?

I have found the perfect pens to use when writing in it. The right pen is always an important component in writing in my notebook, It's got to look good...

I've been playing with words in it. I did write a blog draft in it.  I am adding others writing that inspires me.  "Revolution for the Tested" by Kate Messner is one I turn to a lot.

The inside cover of the notebook has a copy of a journal card that my art teacher friend gave me entitled "Introduction".

 The last paragraph says,

We have to be willing to be observers.
To listen to leaves blow, to look for rare pennies and
to be anonymous.
Only then will our observations begin to
unfold, as we scribble, attack, write, draw, and scribble some
more until who we are slowly appears like invisible ink and
the pain stops for that split moment...and then we do it
all over again.

I apologize I can't credit this right now. When I get back to school I'll get the name of the journaling set.  It's awesome.  

I've used it with my freshmen and showed them how I add little snippets to it

A place I am comfortable/A place I am uncomfortable

I also copied a form from Angela Maiers that gave me permission to play!

Permission to play
I've stashed some previously written pieces into it. Who knows if they will see the light of day, but they are there.  There's a list of ideas for blog posts, there's a list of things to include in a writer's notebook.
I'm excited to share this with my new classes in January!

So, what's in your writer's notebook?


  1. Inspiring, Deb. I have lots of company now so it's hard to start, but I'll re-read this when I do have time to dig out my notebook!

  2. I received a new notebook for Christmas and today I began writing about my one little word so maybe I will share that as my weekly slice tomorrow.
    Love that permission to play page.

  3. You have a great start in this new notebook. I love the Introduction! It is all about being observers first. The permission to play is a must have. I have been thinking of how I can play more. I hope we get more peeks into this notebook.

  4. I've written many posts about rejuvenating my notebook. Your post is inspiring. Thank you!

  5. I love love love getting to peek inside your notebook. The pics are wonderful. This makes me want to play- but only with the right pen, of course! I already googled your journaling card set. I think it is: Wide Open: Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts. I already have it on my wishlist! Thanks for the nudge :)

  6. Juliann wrote about a new notebook today too. How neat to read about both of your new writing tools.
    Love the inspiration and the desire to include writing that inspires you. Speaking of Kate Messner, I'll be reviewing her new picture book, Over and Under the Snow, on Thursday, 12/29 on TWT.
    Happy New Year Deb!

  7. I see the care and thought people put in their journals and wish to be better. I hope that you will have plenty of time to spend with your new journal in 2012. I also hope that you will allow your blog readers to peek in it once in a while. Happy new writing year!

  8. I can relate to your geekiness because I am thinking the same thing. Which notebook to choose and what will be my first entry? Happy writing in 2012.

  9. You are ready - here's to filling that notebook "with the breathings of your life" - to paraphrase Ralph Fletcher.