Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Dog

Ears flapping, fur flying, she races in a crazy figure eight pattern in the backyard.


You see, we fenced in part of our yard for Chloe.  We never did that for our other dog. Jake just always had a very long cable and never got to just roam the yard. But Chloe is the dog of our "golden years" and we spoil her just a bit.

She generally walks the yard with me and sticks close to my side. But every once in awhile, that crazy puppy energy takes over and she races around to get rid of it.  Before the fence she stayed in the yard for the most part, but sometimes the energy propelled her across the street and into neighbor's yards.

She never ran away from me, she just raced to release all the energy.

She raced for fun.

I swear, she smiles as she runs.


  1. Ah-h! So nice to hear about happy Chloe. I bet she does smile, & it's great you gave her her own fence! I miss having a dog, so love when you tell about Chloe. Nice story.

  2. You have painted a wonderful picture of Chloe with this story. Sometimes a girl's just got to run and be a little crazy. The love for this dog is evident.

  3. I love dogs and admire you for getting another dog in your "golden years." My son brings his dogs on the weekends, but there's nothing like a pet around to fill in the voids of every day life. We've had 3 dogs in the last 40 years. Oh, and dogs smile all right. That's something a cat can't do. Keep the Chloe stories coming--maybe I'll break down a get another dog in my golden years.

  4. You spoil Chloe like grandparents spoil the first-born grandchild. I think it's sweet.

  5. Lucky Chloe! Stacey is right about the comparison to a grandchild...

  6. Love, love, love the voice in your writing! As always, your writing has so much flow. Great one-word sentence and my favorite is your final line, "I swear, she smiles when she runs."

  7. My dogs and your Chloe share the basis of a beautiful friendship- a passion for the same sport, and energy equal to no other being.

  8. I envy a dog's energy that propels her across the street - I suppose all the interrupting I do when conversing with colleagues is that same kind of energy! They probably wish I had a fence!