Random Acts

Two random acts prompt this post--one positive, one negative.  Both have me thinking about how my actions affect others. My mind is a jumble of thoughts and ideas about this, so I hope this post makes sense.

Random Act #1
The volleyball team and their supporters proudly wore their new t-shirts yesterday. They were cute. A team builder phrase on front. Unfortunately, one with a double meaning. My second thought when I saw them was, "Oh, this could be trouble."

And it was.

As I walked through the office, a young man wearing the shirt was standing there waiting to see our new principal to see if the shirt was school appropriate.  Why only this young man?  He's a former SSB!  He's made bad choices in the past, but this year seems to be trying to correct himself. But where are the 20 others wearing this shirt? Nowhere to be seen. No one sent them to the office...

Unfair to pick on one. Totally. Unfair.

And demoralizing to the young man. I'm sure he thinks, "What's the point?"

We need to think about how our actions and words affect a person before we single them out.

(on the bright side, the team stuck up for this young man. Good girls!)

Random Act #2
Through Slice of Life I found a great post about a random act of kindness. A barista at Starbucks offered to make her a new cup of coffee after she spilled hers on the way out the door (You really need to read the post!). The Barista said to her, "I want to make your day better."

How awesome would this be if we all thought that in dealing with the people around us.

I wish I was that kind of person. Sometimes I am. But many times I am not.  I had a chance after school yesterday to make someone's day better and instead opted for for making them do something they should do, but if I had done it, it would have made their day better. I wish I felt bad about it, but I don't.   Sometimes people need to do things for themselves.  But it would have been easier for me to do it and it would have made their day nicer....

So here's to thinking about how we affect others and making their day better.


  1. That's where I was going with my blog posts from last week--it's something I've been trying to improve in my own life. If we all made a small effort, imagine how much more pleasant the world would be!

  2. But-sometimes doing something for someone if they should do it (as you said) isn't the best choice really, even if it would make the day nicer. I don't know the circumstances, yet I imagine you did do the thing that was right for that person. It is a tough decision sometimes, isn't it? Thanks for telling about your dilemma; we all seem to go through it at times.


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