You Matter Sundays

Lately I've been thinking about this blog a lot and the format for it. I knew it would be easier to come up with topics to write about if I designated certain days to certain topics. Now I don't want to be limited to writing about Chloe only on Tuesdays or my classroom only on Fridays. But themes might help me write through some writer's block. And then this morning I watched this video from Angela Maiers

Now, Angela gave this talk in June and the video has been roaming around on the internet for awhile--especially around my area because Angela works with our school district periodically. I love her. She inspires me to be a better person. She matters.

But lots of others in my life matter also--family, students, friends, co-workers, fellow bloggers...well, you get the picture. So after watching this video, I decided I would make Sundays my "You Matter" day. A day to write a post telling my world why they matter to me.

This week I'd like to tell you about my new principal and why he matters--

Tim Felderman is young--heck, I think I have dust bunnies under my bed older than he is. But he is a keeper. He tries to visit classrooms EVERY day. Imagine that. A high school principal who comes into your classroom just to see what you are doing. He's enforcing rules that have been around awhile but were not always followed.

He laughs. Even when the jokes on him.

He listens. Even when you don't say things out loud....

He notices. Even when you are trying not to be noticed.

He treats his teachers as professionals. Something some of us haven't felt in awhile.

So Mr. Felderman, this one's for you. You matter.


  1. Love the new theme of your Sundays! Way to give kudos to someone who rightfully deserves many of them! Welcome to CHS, Mr. Felderman! We are glad to have you (even though you don't allow cowboy boots)!

  2. Thanks Schwade--I know you get it!

  3. Deb, sometimes I find it hard to believe that we think so much alike. I haven't chosen anything, but I have been pondering that very thing, certain days for certain things on the blog. This is a great idea, a kind of pay it forward to all those you appreciate. I love that your principal is someone you are liking. Hurrah for all those who do good things for their schools!


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