Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Morning

Sitting at supper with a group of friends last night, one turned to me and said, "So, Mrs. Day, what are you going to do tomorrow?" I didn't have an answer or a plan.

The possibilities of a summer day in June are endless. I sit here gazing at the lake, drinking coffee with Chloe at my feet and think, "What to do, what to do?"

I could finish organizing the closets and cupboards in the trailer--goodness knows I need to get that finished. I could blow up the water toys and see what holds air and what doesn't. Grandkids are coming this week, so it also needs to be done.

I could finish my book,
         do some laundry,
                walk Chloe,
                       go swimming,

...or, I could sit here and stare at the lake.

I think I'll go get another cup of coffee.


  1. Ah-h, the possibilities. . . I hope you have a lovely day. The photo is wonderful! One of my colleagues lives on a lake & we had our staff party there Friday. I thought of you being on the lake. It was great.

  2. When we used to go to the lake, I loved just sitting and staring at the lake. It was so relaxing. Peaceful.