Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flower Junkie

I have confession to make. I am a flowering plant junkie in the summer. I hate to see them die at the store, and I can't seem to leave them there. I look at the shriveled up leaves and wilting flowers and think to myself, "I could save that.  Just a little water and fresh dirt, a bigger pot, and it will take off again." And, if they are marked down, all is lost.

Many times, I don't even have a place to plant it. And God knows, my poor husband spends hours watering everything when I am gone. This year, a few of them haven't done so well. They are looking pretty sad, as a matter of fact. But still, I have been on a "binge" this week. I've been to the store twice and come home with plants.

The first day I was suckered in by the "50% off bedding plants" sign in front of the greenhouse. These plants really look pretty healthy. They are from the greenhouse, after all. A few in the ground, a couple of pots. I was good.

But the next day I went to the variety store on the edge of town. Again, 50% off. And these plants were so sad. Root bound, brown edged leaves, wilting.  But the flowers looked pretty healthy. "Just a little water and fresh dirt, a bigger pot, and it will take off again".  I came home with a couple more.

I have to stop. I won't be home next week and the temperature the next couple of days will be in the 90's.  NOT a good time to put flowers in.  I won't be able to get them off to the start I know they need in my yard.

But, if I happen to drive by a 50% off sign....

Today's wise words from Spilling Ink:  "If you idly wait for inspiration, your ideas will dry up."


  1. Oh-me, too. But our plants haven't gone on sale yet! We are later in the season for it, I guess. Good luck with the plants. They usually perk up a bit by the end of July. I like your quote, by the way.

  2. Thank you for the quote! It fits well with what I am trying to do.
    I am not a plant person, so I can pass by the greenhouse sales and the grocery store's pickings. I love to see other people loving plants though. I WISH I were a plant person. I've tried to be one. I am not a responsible plant owner, so I have decided to protect them by leaving them alone.