A Lesson in Patience


This long-legged dinosaur-like bird glides into view, landing gently in the shallows of the lake.

Picking her feet up gently and walking through the water, watching, always watching, for an unsuspecting bite.

She stands patiently, oh so patiently, (much more patient than I who watch her)  for an unsuspecting bite.

And then quickly, throws her beak in the water, then lifts her head to the sky, and swallows.

One bite. That's it. Then the whole thing starts again.



  1. YES, so much patience here and I've never thought about it this way. Thank you for a new perspective.

  2. Patience, waiting for the right moment, then acting with such precision - a marvel to witness. Like watching living poetry, the way you capture it!

  3. I like thinking about you noticing all of the things while at the lake. I like what you did with "watching, always watching" — it made me want to read the whole thing aloud, which I did. Thanks for writing. :)

  4. What a lovely unveiling of the depth in each moment, if we will just pay attention.

  5. Beautiful moment, poem and image.

  6. This reminded me of the heron I watched at our vacation house for a long time. I so wanted to see that unsuspecting bite, but never did. However, my patient watch was rewarded with a beautiful flight over the lake to a new spot. Especially loved your description: "long-legged, dinosaur-like bird"


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