#sol18 . Daydreaming of My Favorite Place

Today's Writing Quote:
There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; Sometimes it's like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.
                                                                      ~~E Hemingway~~

I love any space by water. 
I find myself most at peace, 
most relaxed, 
more me, 
when water is part of my view.

The sound of the waves
The fresh smell,
Warm breezes, and
Campfire conversations

I love our little trailer with
sagging floorboards
grandkid stained carpet
I don't need perfect here.

as I sit wrapped in a blanket
waiting for snowfall and
freezing temps
I dream
Warm temps
Gentle breezes


  1. Being by the water is so relaxing. I love sitting on our porch and looking out at the pond and enjoying the serenity. Stay warm and cozy - hopefully they are wrong about the snow and freezing temps.

  2. Sometimes when winter hangs on too long, you have to find that happy place in your mind and stay there a while. Hope your snow is a no-show.

  3. Ahhhh. I could have written this post yesterday! I miss the water and waves but have to wrap up the income taxes during my very short spring break...so here I sit...in a sweater...with snow on the ground!

  4. "I don't need perfect here"--love this line.

  5. Enjoyed your post. I am drawn to the water as well. Peaceful and majestic.

  6. I so agree. I'm only ever completely at peace when I'm near water and for me it needs to be the ocean. Love "more me." Thanks, Deb.

  7. Love the line “don’t need perfect here.” As it should be.

  8. The whole second stanza is great. I have been to a place just like this, and love it as well. Great post.

  9. The sound of the waves. You had me at the sound of the waves. Soon ... you'll be back there soon.

  10. Deb,

    I like that you don't mind grandkids' muddy footprints inside the trailer. You are an awesome Grandma. :)

    If you need snowfall, come and visit us. We have all the snow you wish (or don't) in April. Yikes! What happen to Spring? BTW, we do have a river going through our back woods. We enjoy getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in Summer when going toward the river.



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