#sol18 All The Plans for a Spring Day

I try not to complain, but spring has been slow in coming this year. Finally, the last couple of days showed promise. Sunshine and warmth visited and melted the last piles of snow from last week's blizzard.

After school yesterday was marvelous. The grocery store and Shopko finally had their greenhouses up, waiting for the flowers to arrive.

Chloe and I walked when I got home and the snow crocuses were up at the neighbor's.

After our walk, we hit the deck even though it wasn't really ready for us. So today we have spring chore plans:

  • Wash the deck
  • Bring the outdoor rug up
  • Chairs are good. Bring at least a couple out
  • Maybe at least a little table (for wine)
  • Buy some flowers and plant some pots
  • A little raking
  • A little planning of yard areas
  • Check out the chairs with a nap in the sun
  • Read my book
  • Check out the table height for wine. Sip a glass.
  • Enjoy


  1. First, your "Mother Nature apologizes..." poster made me smile. It is perfect for my neck of the woods, too. I, too, am longing for real spring so your chore list didn't sound like work, really, when you think of the reward of sitting outside and soaking in the beauty. Thanks for this lovely slice.

  2. The spring chore list is welcome here too! Spring has finally sprung.

  3. Haha... love your Mother Nature / Father Time "tale"... Hmmm, I need to remember that I can put "Read my book" on my next chore list. Happy Spring!

  4. Hopefully, Mother Nature isn't teasing us again. Have fun with your Spring to do list - I'm partial to the height of the table for wine and a good book!

  5. I like the "little" in your list. Nothing becomes overwhelming. Wine, reading and nap sound as a perfect plan. I hope you had a marvellous day.

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