Sunday, July 16, 2017

How Did I Do It?

I look back at old posts and wonder how I did it. How did I have so much to say and where did those words come from?  I wrote about silly, normal days. I wrote about little details in my day. And now, those simple posts seem as if they were written by someone else. And I couldn't possibly write about those things again---could I?

I'm just going to keep writing. Putting words into this blog. Whatever comes to my mind. I told students this often---JUST WRITE. Write whatever's in your head. Even if it sounds stupid. Even if you think no one will like it or read it. Don't worry about word choice, or spelling, or grammar. Get the words down. You can always go back.

So, I'm getting the words down. In desperation.


I know they will come.



  1. "Write whatever's in your head." The best advice of all. Thanks for reminding us that sometimes we JUST WRITE.

  2. When I started this blog, I often wondered what I would write and believe me there are many times when somehow the fingers just type something. Once retired, I thought now what, but somehow there is always something to say. Keep writing and sharing. Hope you're enjoying your summer and retirement!


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