Thursday, March 6, 2014

6/31 Remembering ALOHA

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Back in January, I chose my One Little Word...


After our visit to Hawaii over Christmas, I want to remember to keep that 


spirit with me all year.  This winter has proven to be difficult and lately, it's been hard to keep the spirit. The eight inches of snow Tuesday night and no school on Wednesday was staring me in the face and daring me to defy it.

So I did. 

I took Chloe for a walk. 

She was hooked up outside, watching my husband blow out the driveway for the umpteenth time this winter. I had scraped the leftover snow from the cement part of the driveway.  

For once, it wasn't below zero. In fact, the sun had a hint of warmth to it, so I thought, "What the heck?  Let's go for at least a little walk."

I reached inside the front door and grabbed her leash.

As soon as she saw it, Chloe went nuts. I wish I had a video.

She jumped. 
She grabbed the leash in her mouth as if she was going to walk me. 
She tugged. 
She stopped and looked back at me, as if saying, "Hurry up. Let's go. I haven't got all day."

Words of caution from my husband rang in my ears, "Be careful. The roads are icy." We took off down the street in front of our house. My very first slice of life post kept running through my mind.

It was a great walk. Although we went very slowly (well, I went slow. Chloe wanted to run the whole time), it felt good to be outside. And it was pretty. Fresh, new snow. The beginning warmth of the sun. People were outside! 

Chloe had a blast. She pranced the whole way. Smiling at being able to be outside again (even she doesn't like the below zero stuff we've had forever). I laughed at her tugging at me, wanting to run. There just isn't any place for her to go right now.

Once we got back to the foot of our driveway, I let go of the leash.

She raced as fast as she could to the house, to my husband as he finished the last of the shoveling. She ran circles around us as we stood there laughing at her antics.

The walk reminded me to appreciate what I have and the world around me. To accept that I can't change the weather or the snow days. I can only change my attitude towards it.

Sometimes, you just have to run in the snow....


A, ala, watchful, alertness 

L, lokahi, working with unity 

O, oia'i'o, truthful honesty 

H, ha'aha'a, humility 

A, ahonui, patient perseverance


  1. Our dog smiles at us, too! What a grand post! You know in spite of the snow, that the sun is working hard now! It can't last forever. I've even thought about taking a walk in spite of the snow...but watching our dog outside potty-breaking on the top of the crusted snow and holding up one paw to keep it warmer makes me think I may wait until the sun's "patient perseverance" makes more of a temperature change this afternoon!

  2. Changing an attitude can make a big difference. It's great to have a little word nudging us, and in your case it's good to have Chloe who takes you out for walks. Spring is close, very close.

  3. Here's to running in the snow! That's what I'm going to be doing in about an hour! Aloha, friend!

  4. Nice that you went anyway, and remembered that lovely time in Hawaii!

  5. I loved your description of Chloe's excitement - bet she can't wait for the Spring, either.

  6. What a fun walk- and I'm so jealous of your trip to Hawaii.

  7. Attitude is everything, isn't it? So hard to turn mine though when I let it go to the dark side. I enjoyed picturing Chloe prance and jump in the snow. Sounds like a wonderland to me.

  8. Walking with our special friends make the winter days better. Max loves the snow. I think he feels invigorated with the cold and snow. Yes, a change in attitude does make all the difference, but I'm still looking forward to spring!

  9. Attitude is so huge. Sometimes we get so down we think there's no way to change that attitude, it is just fact, period. But once we take that first step in a new direction, everything starts to look brighter. Soon we can be as excited as Chloe!

  10. "I can only change my attitude around it." Great advice! Oh, I remember that very first slice. Ouch! I'm glad this walk was more enjoyable for all!