Sunday, January 11, 2015

Celebrating Snow Days

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You'd think after Christmas break I wouldn't be thankful for a couple of snow days, but I am!  I realized after going to work on Monday, that I really didn't have any me time during break. I was either getting ready to go somewhere or getting ready for people to come here. I baked and cooked and wrapped and cleaned by way through break. In fact, the boys went home last Friday morning as I went to work.

I watched the weather with interest and anticipation Tuesday night. It was going to be cold. I mean REALLY cold. 30 to 40 degrees below zero wind chills COLD. Sure enough, we missed the day on Wednesday.

So did I do the relaxing me time activities I had imagined? Nope. I took down Christmas decorations. But it's OK. Things are organized!


I did take out time Wednesday for a little #snowdaychat with other members of my Iowa PLN. We chatted about 21st century snow days and how we could keep the learning going even when kids are at home.

It stayed REALLY cold and the wind was blowing and howling, which gave us blizzard conditions, so Thursday was another day at home. I decided it was going to be a day for me. And it was! I read Legend by Marie Lu, I putzed around the house, took a nap, and was generally lazy.

It was good to get back to school on Friday.

And this coming week looks good for full days of school. So, I'll celebrate that too!


  1. We just got the 'edge' of the storm, then warm yesterday, now snow tonight, then warm later in the week. Roller coaster! Glad you had some 'me' time. I liked Legend, & the 2nd one, too. Still haven't read the final one. Have a great week, Deb!

  2. It is hard to not celebrate snow days!! I know what you mean though. Last year in upstate NY we had snow days right on the heels of a long winter break. I almost felt guilty, but for about 2 minutes!! haha. You bring up a good point about keeping learning going in the 21st century on snow days.


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