Celebrating Summer

Although I haven't been writing much this summer, it doesn't mean I haven't been celebrating! This has been a summer of family and friends and not be quite so connected.  Many Saturdays have found us with a cabin full of grandkids.  Our oldest son and his family moved to the lakes area this summer, so now we are all close together. It's been a blast! And Chloe has become quite spoiled with all the attention and activity.  I'm afraid she will have kid withdrawal this winter.

Another great thing to celebrate...quality time with my hubby. Now that he is semi-retired, he is spending a lot of time at the lake with me. We made an impromptu trip to South Dakota and Mount Rushmore, a place I had never been. We had a great trip and are already thinking of where we could go next year.

This week I spent time with friends...golfing, shopping, lunch and just staring at sunsets, marveling at how lucky we are. I have been told more than once by one friend that I am purring....I laughed, but she is right. I have been quite content this summer.

However, the last couple of days I have been restless because

School starts next week!!!!!!!

I am excited to get started. Excited to see kids. Even excited to be on a schedule. I wrote a post about my classroom yesterday. Click here if you want a little tour.  I feel ready for the new year.  I have a general plan for my new class, a couple of ideas to kickstart the old ones. Also, this year, I'll be teaching advanced English for 8th graders. I'm excited about that.  Can't wait to challenge them.

So, long story short, it was a fantastic summer.  Here's to a wonderful school year!


  1. Summer memories will help us when school gets a little tough. Thank you for the tour.

  2. You sound rejuvenated and ready for a wonderful year! Poor Chloe, she will have quite an adjustment.

  3. Sounds very nice, Deb. I'm glad you've had such a wonderful time at your lake, & have missed hearing about it. Good wishes for next week!

  4. I'll be very curious to know about your advanced 8th grade class!

  5. What a wonderful summer you have had - and all your grandchildren part of every day makes it all the more special. As you know, I love your classroom!

  6. Chloe may need her own post soon to lament the end of summer and kid time! Love the sunset pic at the lake. Have a great beginning of school!

  7. Funny how being less connected online means all sorts of deep connections elsewhere. I love that this forum allows us to come and go, feeling just as connected no matter how much time has passed. I am definitely headed over to your classroom post! 8th graders this year?! How awesome is that! Now I am really going to steal your ideas :)

  8. Bye-bye a wonderful summer. Aloha! to new school year.


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