Friday, November 16, 2012

The Smiley Faced Box

The Smiley Faced Box.
It sat on the kitchen table
All night
Waiting patiently.
I knew what was inside
So I left it where it was
So it wouldn't distract me.


I bring it to school 
for that is where it belongs.
I didn't open it.
At First.

I planned
to organize my room
and clean the smudge
off my desks.
I would write lesson plans
and run off papers
and be ready for next week.

There it sat.
The Smiley Faced Box.
Looking at me.
"Just take a little peek."

So I did
(even though I already knew
the magic it held).

And there inside the
Smiley Faced Box
were whining children
waiting to be eaten by

And there was Ralph
who thought he didn't have a
story to tell,
but told me one anyway.

best of all
waiting patiently
at the bottom of the 
Smiley Faced Box
Reached for me
Ready to share with me
How they made it to the end.

Who needs lesson plans anyway?



  1. Oh, love this! I could never resist that smiling face staring at me! You will power is amazing! I have to check out that monsters book! (We have a 'no whining' rule in our house . . . this would definitely take it to the next level!) Thanks for writing some poetry fun!

  2. Deb, I just received this in the mail yesterday. Great minds & all that, or is it the influence on everyone. How great that you wrote it in a poem. Like Michelle, love it! (Have you seen the latest Penny Kittle?)

    1. Linda, I bought the new Kittle and am half way through it. Love it

    2. I am reading Book Love too! Deb, I my heart started beating faster when it occurred to me that the smiley face box was an Amazon box. Our hearts beat to the rhythm of story.

  3. I've got to read the Whiny book! Love how you attempted to not be distracted by the Smiley Faced Box. No one can do that.

  4. My grandson loved the Whiny Kids book. And the best part was, if he wanted to whine, I just reminded him about the monsters. He'd laugh and we'd move on. And, you're right, that smiley faced box just won't be ignored

  5. Ooooh, I love this poem. Even though I know the Monsters book, I didn't catch on to the clue about what was inside the box 'til I read the word Ralph. Then I was like, "ooooh," in a very fourth grade kind of way. Anyway, I loved your poem. Good reading ahead!

    1. Thanks Stacey. My husband thinks I'm crazy buying "little kid" books, but I always find a use for them!


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