Explosion in room 25
Combustible attitudes
Overworked teacher
Tired Students

An F bomb drops
Not acceptable
An "I'll do what I want"

Going nowhere
Others waiting
To see where this train is headed

To an impasse
No winners
Only whiners

Today's Task


  1. Oh, boy. Sounds like a day to forget. Or a "do-over day". But that never happens does it? I wish you the best on your Rebuilding Day!

  2. I'm glad to hear that even an extraordinary teacher like you has days like this! I have one tough class that sometimes feels like it's on the verge of what you just described, although they've been doing better lately. I'd love to hear more about what you did on your Rebuilding Day!

  3. Somehow you capture the tough stuff with grace. It amazes me and tells me that you handle it with grace in the moment as well. I know it doesn't feel graceful, but I know your heart is always pointed in the right direction and that makes even the messy moments, the ugly moments come out okay in the end. It is there in your last line--rebuilding connections. Sometimes the hardest part of the explosion is accepting that breakdown in the connection.

    I hear your words "Let it be me" in my head, in my heart throughout my day often. This is one of those kinds of days.

    1. I didn't feel very graceful yesterday. I felt like a screaming idiot--although I didn't really raise my voice. I could hear the rational teacher voice saying "This isn't going anywhere. Don't escalate this problem. Just shut up." But of course, sometimes I don't listen to myself. I found myself, for a few moments, arguing with an out of control child. What was I thinking?

    2. I had one of those days yesterday! In response to my correction of grossly off-task behavior a student calmy said to me, "Great story bro, tell it again." Have you seen those t-shirts? Why did I let that get to me?

      Today was a much better day for me. As I imagine it was for you too!

  4. I believe you were thinking it would be okay if 'he' or 'she' would just settle down & listen, & of course we all try it, but sometimes, it's just as you wrote, Deb., and explosion. I like that end too, & am not surprised that you wrote about 're-building'. Best to you & the group, one more step I guess.


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