Saturday, October 1, 2016

Celebrating Moments

"I can't be a leader, but I would sure help someone."

And just like that, in a single moment, a friendship of almost 30 years was born. I haven't had the words--still not sure they are there. But one moment he was here

and then he wasn't.

Cancer stole him from us last week.

But there are still moments to celebrate--we spent the summer stealing moments before cancer took him. Precious moments for his wife, but also the rest of us. There were concerts, and meals, and laughter. There was a golf day the Saturday before.

I felt luckier than his wife when he was stolen because we are still in the town where they lived and worked for so many years. I received a great deal of love when the news broke. I felt guilty. Guilty I was receiving what was in reality hers. But lucky too. Because people cared.

Since last spring I haven't written, haven't blogged, haven't shared celebrations. Not because I didn't find things to celebrate, but because they were private. Memories to be kept in my heart.

It's time to share again.....

  • The picture above is of a tile that was given to me by a student when she heard the news of my "other husband's" death. She didn't know that "Moments" is my OLW for the year. I bought a plate stand for it and it sits on a shelf in my room where I can see it every day.
  • Our oldest son and his wife bought a new house this summer. It was a long struggle, but she told me as soon as they walked into it, she knew it was home. Much like the story of Greg and I when we found ours. Today we are heading there to watch a Hawkeye football game. Our son bought a smoker and is cooking all the food. They invited many lake people to join the party. I'm sure his "other dad" will be looking down and smiling....
  • We're closing up the cabin at the lake next weekend, but plans are already in the works to get together during the winter months. We need each other. And there will be moments....
  • My kids at school this year are amazing. I'm loving my time with them. I promise I'll share my moments with them in the coming weeks!

That's all for today. Hug your family. Love your life.  I'll see you next week.


  1. I'm so sorry for the sadness of loss you experienced...and for the happiness of family and another summer of lake house memories, Deb.

  2. Those old and good friends are just family, as you so lovingly wrote, "other husband', & 'other dad'. I'm sorry for this loss, Deb, and glad that you have so much love surrounding you. Enjoy being at your son & daughter-in-law's new home today, sharing memories!

  3. Cancer is such a thief of time and life. I am sorry for your loss. Grief is a long journey. Still, there are moments to celebrate. I am glad you are finding them.

  4. I wrote on Ruth's blog this morning that sometimes our best work comes from hard times..or to use your OLW...moments. Cancer is such an devastating disease from those who have it and those who love. I hope you find some peace in your memories and through writing.

  5. I'm sorry for you loss Deb. I can't know how you feel, but I wish you healing and joy in the memories.

  6. I am sorry for your loss. Healing will take time. I hope writing will help you along the way.

  7. Sorry for this loss. I remember when you wrote about this dear friend's diagnosis. Glad you have wonderful kids at school this year. You've been missed here. Welcome back!

  8. Deb, when I saw your name on the roster list, I was so excited and then I opened your post to read why you have been absent from the #celebratelu group. I am deeply sorry for your loss that is of a highly personal nature. Your words were strong and passionate. May you find peace in the "moments" that remain dear to you-the memories you shared, and the celebrations that will remind you of a friendship that spanned the decades.

  9. I'm so glad you are ready to write and share again! You were smart to take the time you needed to treasure and process those moments. You sure were lucky to have someone so special, in addition to your "real" family -- friends like that are hard to find! Thank you for sharing this glimpse into a very special part of your life!