Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Of Panda Whales and Zebra Bears

3 hour early out day. 20 minute classes. Weird conversations.
 Today’s conversation between two of my boys revolves around the movie “Free Willy”. They are talking quietly in their corner. Eventually, they bring me into the conversation.

STUDENT 1: Mrs. Day, was Willy confined? Think the title “Free Willy”

ME: Yes,

STUDENT 2: See, I told you

ME: (continuing) he was confined and they worked to free him.

STUDENT 1: No. He was free….

I continue working. Other students are typing. They continue talking.

STUDENT 2: (has googled “Free Willy” to prove his point. He shows his computer to the other student)  See, I told you.

STUDENT 1: Nope, right there says he is free.

ME: Actually, I think he’s dead.

STUDENT 1: Yea, that means he’s free.

STUDENT 2: What kind of whale was he? Like a Panda whale? You know, black and white.

ME: (took me a minute)  Yes, we call those killer whales

STUDENT 1: (to the other boy) Have you ever seen a zebra bear?

ME: (Laughing out loud) Best conversation ever.

They are quiet for the rest of the class. But as they leave the room…. 

“Free Willy!”


  1. Panda whale....OMG....I seriously laughed out loud!

  2. Gretchen and I are giggling and she wants names!:)

  3. I think things get a little weird when it's close to vacation. So funny!