Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites

I am flat out stealing this idea from Ruth. On Monday she wrote a post called "Pretend It's Friday" and she wrote about four favorite things. I love that idea. For one thing, Friday is my favorite school day and maybe my second favorite day. And so, Friday Favorites is born...

My Favorites:

1. Friday. I love Fridays. Always have. The end of week, the beginning of the weekend. Fridays in my classroom are always a little freer than, say, a Monday.  Most people are in a good mood. Really. What's not to like about a Friday?

2. Genius Time:  This semester I have been giving my freshmen genius time on Friday. They are able to read and learn about anything they want. Some of them have stayed with the same topic the whole time. Others have changed their minds and began learning about something else. Now they are starting to think about how they will show their learning to the rest of the class. I have a few sticking with the tried and true powerpoint. Quite a few want to make a movie. I don't care this first time how they share with us. I'm just glad they are excited about something!

3. The Big Bang Theory: Every Thursday night will find my husband and I in front of the TV watching The Big Bang Theory. It makes me laugh out loud every time. It also reminds me of several groups of students who are their own BBT. I often ask these kids which character they are. They always know who they are and which of their group is the Sheldon.


  1. Well, you know I do Poetry Friday, but this is awesome, Deb. Fun to see what your favorites are! Fridays do have a certain feel, don't they? Have a great weekend too!

  2. My husband has a student who will actually knock on his desk the way Sheldon does with Penny: knock, knock, knock, "Mr. Levine?" three times! I LOVE Big Bang Theory!

    I also love your realistic expectations for genius time--expectations both of yourself and your students. Trying something new is scary. You always have a way of sticking to the purpose behind what you are asking your students to do and making sure that bigger purpose is met. In this case, that they are genuinely interested in seeking knowledge. Your classroom = authentic.

  3. I think I would like to be a kid in your class on Fridays. You bring the best out in people.