Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Don't Wanna, and You Can't Make Me

Chloe and I enjoy wonderfully lazy mornings at the lake.  I usually wake up to her sleeping at the foot of my bed. She lifts her head as if too say, "It's too early to get up", then crawls up and snuggles in against me for some cuddle time. Many mornings I wouldn't need a shower because of all the puppy kisses I get (well, if I was a dog).

This morning was typical. After cuddle time, I started the coffee and took a shower, while Chloe was outside. I watched some Olympics, read and commented on a couple of blogs, checked my Twitter and Facebook. Feeling a little guilty, I went outside with a cup of coffee to see how Chloe was doing. She didn't get up when I sat down. Laying in the shade, she was keeping track of all that was going on in the resort. Chris was raking the beach, Larry was outside having coffee, kids were on the swing.  Things were as they should be.

Eventually, I thought we should go for our walk, as we do every morning. Best to get it done before the  heat kicks in.  I hook her up and off we go.

We stop and see Larry for a second and Chloe seems full of spunk today. As we leave, she grabs her leash in her mouth, as if she's taking me for a walk. Jumping, leaping down the road. Mentally, I am planning the things I want to get done today (mind flip--I'm ready to get back to work. Shhh. Don't tell anyone!)  She gets her "business" done early, but we keep walking. Chloe needs a lot of exercise!

We walk as far as a friend's house. Chloe comes to a dead stop. Does she want to go a different direction?  I give a tug, and stay on our path. She walks a few feet and stops again. I tug again. She stops again.

Evidently, we don't want to walk any farther.

I turn around and head back to Sandbar.

Chloe tries to run. Sorry, honey, we ain't runnin'.

We get back to the trailer and she heads for the door. A drink of water, a treat, and she heads for the couch and her pillow.

Time for a nap, I guess.


  1. What a great way to spend time! Sometimes it's not worth the tug to follow along your girl's mindset. It's okay to start the mind going on next year. This is when some good things percolate. Enjoy your days!

  2. I love the links to earlier posts and to grammar girl. I had missed that lovely illustrated walk with Chloe earlier in the summer. You've inspired me to put a link in a future slice. I need a mind flip, but it hasn't arrived yet.

    1. I had to double check myself on farther/further, so thought I would share. LOVE Grammar Girl.

  3. "Sorry, honey, we ain't runnin'." So funny that Chloe had such a flip in mindset herself!
    Keep up the enjoyment and only let bits of school slip in as appropriate and necessary!
    I found a great little sign at Kittery Trading Post a few weeks ago that made me think of you immediately. I'll post it tomorrow!

  4. Sounds like my time at my trailer..but minus the dog...just lazy, restful days, enjoying the beauty of mother nature! aka Stopping to smell the flowers!

  5. I can relate to the following line:
    "Chloe tries to run. Sorry, honey, we ain't runnin'." reminds me of how I felt when I took Izzy to Babies R Us earlier today. She wanted to run through the store. I was so tired from chasing her at her quick walking pace, that I eventually scooped her up and carried her to the register.

  6. Once again, Chloe sounds like Max (maybe they were related in an earlier life???). There are days when Max just loves to keep going, but on others, there is no way that I can convince him to go one step further.

  7. Chloe sounds like Reid; sometimes we just need to get home for a drink, a treat, and a nap :). And, your mind flip is right on time --- it happens to all of us teachers. The time we instinctively know that we've had enough break and it's time to reexamine what we know to be true in hopes of creating something better :). Have fun thinking!!!

  8. Deb,
    Love your mind flip! I think those start for me when I hear the crickets begin to chirp! Sometimes they come and I am not yet ready! Also thanks for the Grammar Girl link! Great resource!

  9. I just love the way you describe the mornings, your walks, and just 'being', with Chloe at the lake. It's a special time & I know you enjoy it so very much. Thanks for the fun slice, Deb!