Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Walk Along the Lake

Come on. You know you wanna. Come along with Chloe and I as we take our morning walk down the gravel lake road.

Yea!  Come on.  There's lots to explore. And maybe today will be the day Mom will let me loose to run! Let's just start down the road!

Chloe and I love to walk in the mornings at the lake, before it becomes too hot and the activities for the day start.  We walk along these little gravel roads that run along the lake.  Usually gentle breezes come off the lake to keep us cool. Unless, like Monday, they were hurricane force. Then it's not fun to walk!

Here it is! Here it is!  The perfect place to let me run. Don't you think this looks like a great place. Lots of space and trees. Pretty please with sugar on top? Please let me off my leash......

Sorry, Chloe. The highway is too close. I'm afraid you would run right to the road.  But, it is tempting because I can just see you smiling as you race around here.  Come on. Let's keep going.

The road we walk isn't continuous. It's really a series of little lanes to each group of cabins.  Every so often we come across these little barriers so that cars can't drive through.  Chloe and I love that there is no traffic as we walk.

This is one of my favorite things on our walk this year.  I always have to stop and marvel at it.  Sits outside of a log cabin.

Yea...whatever.  Keep walking!

Look, look, look....a critter of some kind. Let me at 'em.  

Dang. It's not real.

Get's her every time.....

Chloe and I have been watching the development of this home for a couple of years now.  Today they are pouring cement for a driveway.


This is my favorite place of all on our walk. It is owned by a very nice older couple who don't mind me stopping and enjoying their view.  It is a beautifully kept little cottage with a double lot for the ground, filled with these wonderful shade trees.  A welcome stop on a hot day.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can we please keep going?

OK, Chloe. We'll quit talking til we get to the end of the road. But I'm taking some pictures on the way back.

Come on. It's the same places going home....

Nope. I look at different things on the way back. If you pick your nose off the ground once in awhile, maybe you'd notice.... Ahh. Here we are at the end of the road. We'll turn around now.

This is a beautiful little rock garden on our way back.  Pretty little plantings. But what I really like are the blue wine bottles perched on sticks throughout.  I don't know if they make a sound with the wind, or if the people just found a way to get rid of wine bottles, but I really like this little area.

I always stop and check out this little flower garden at my favorite cottage.  It's just such a peaceful little place. If it were me, I'd have a comfy chair set up somewhere close so I could read here.

If it were me, I'd be diggin'!

There it is!  The cat! And it's not hiding under the pick up today. Maybe it'll play with me today. Let's go see, huh?

After almost two miles, this is always a welcome sight, the entrance to the resort where our trailer is at.  By this time, even Chloe has slowed down.

Ahhh, here we are. Home sweet home. I'm ready for a glass of lemonade and a good book. Hope you enjoyed your walk with us today.

Hey, come on back tomorrow. I'm sure she'll let me run then. Maybe we can play fetch in the field.  I'm gonna make friends with that cat too!


  1. Ah, the perfect get-a-way! Thanks for giving us a tour with photos! It looks absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Glad Chloe was able to add her two cents as well. Keep enjoying the days . . . and summer reading!

  2. That was so enjoyable. Thanks for inviting me to come along. You just knew I would wanna go! :)

  3. What a special treat, with talk from you both! I am jealous & sorry that I can't take a little drive & be there. Special post from a special place, Deb.

  4. I love your dialogue with Chloe -- such a fun format! The lake sounds (and looks -- thanks for the pics!) like an amazing place! There's a place in Ohio called Lakeside where we play a band concert every year, and I can tell from your pictures and descriptions that your lake shares the same charm!

  5. There is peace and contentment in your voice today. Chloe on the other hand is full of energy. What a beautiful and relaxing place you have to recharge your batteries. Thanks for taking us along.

  6. I am not sure who I was rooting for, you or Chloe--she is very persuasive! I loved joining you on this walk. It reminds me of the lake in Indiana where my dad lives. I run along the lake road as many mornings as possible when I am there. Maybe I'll take you along one of those days!

  7. Oh, what a delightful walk with you and Chloe - I can just hear Max talking the same way when we're walking. The blue wine bottles in the rock garden sounds interesting. We just started our rock garden, so an idea to add color. Thanks for sharing your walk.

  8. I love the back and forth banter, if you will, with Chloe. It's great to hear both of your voices in this piece. (LOVE the photos, as always.)