Monday, June 4, 2012

"Be Scared. Be Brave. And Write."

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."  William Penn

Ahh, there's the trouble.  I know I waste summer days (but, really, isn't that what summer days are for?).  I putz around the house, often not accomplishing the task I started out working on. I get lost on the internet. Play too many games on Facebook. Watch reruns of too many old episodes of NCIS (I'm a sucker for marathons on USA).

SO, how to "find" time to write this summer?  Hmmm....

I really don't have any excuses. I just need to schedule time and make sure I stick to it. Mornings are always my best time to work, so I plan to write every morning starting at 8:00. I'm up. I've had coffee. Chloe is in the yard.

I will write. For an hour.


What will I write????  Who will read it???????


I will write what I feel like writing--after all, it's the process, the experience of writing that drew me to this summer camp.  I can do this. And, there is that novel I started in November that just might find it's way to my head again.

And I don't care who reads what I write. Not really.  I have always written for me. To make myself happy. So I will write for me again, but I will share. My slicing friends are out there and they are the most supportive people I know.  It's great we have each other during this camp.

So, it's time to write.


  1. Yeah! I am already inspired! Thanks for sharing. A little wasted time is good in the summer, but there is always time for getting in some writing too. It IS time to write!

    Best wishes,

  2. Sounds like you and Michelle have your "work/writing" cut out for you and you both have a "plan". Looking forward to what you have to say - I really enjoy your writing!

  3. Thanks for writing this, Deb. I have discovered that you're right on the money--it's about the process. I learned so much from you and the other slicers during the March SOL Challenge and I know I will continue to learn from everyone at TeachersWrite! Thank you for being so supportive! I'll "see" you at camp. :)

  4. I love the easy way you have of writing, Deb. And love that early time of 'messing around' that we have when we are on vacation, starting with "I puts around the house". I know that we do that because we can. Happy day!

  5. I have always written for me. To make myself happy.
    Amen to that, sister! And you know what, summer days should absolutely have built-in putzing time!

  6. Another journey of learning and growing as writers and teachers! I have NO idea what I'm going to write about . . . I can do slices of my life, but this feels like a new arena. But, it's worth a try, right? Happy to be writing (and putzing) right along side you!

    1. I'm not sure what I'm going to write either, Michelle. I guess I'm going to just take it as it comes and write what makes me happy. I did like the prompt this morning, so that helped me--will probably be my slice tomorrow!

  7. We join each other again. Yea! I like that you don't need an audience, humble and authentic. Me, I scream out, IS ANYBODY READING THIS? I crave an audience. I seek affirmation. The days I post my Tuesday slice at night I am sad, undiscovered, wondering if my words make any sense. You, Deb, you are the coolest! You will write for you. You will immerse yourself in the process, and you will commit to an hour a day. YOU ROCK!

    1. Maya--I do LOVE an audience. I love the connection with people and the affirmations of what I am writing. But the writing is first for me. I'm glad you are on this journey also. I'll be sure to check you out!

  8. Wooo, Deb! Way to go! (I'm glad I'm not the only one who "waste"s summer days!) I never would have thought YOU would be scared -- YOU of all people, one of my "mentor" slicers! Glad we are on this writing journey together! :-)


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