Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Tis the Season

Today is our first late start of the winter season and I am basking in the moment. Snuggled up in my blanket, coffee and Chloe at hand, I am just enjoying the unexpected freedom. There are many thing I could be/should be doing. But they will wait until I am ready to face them.

Possibly today, but maybe tomorrow
Really, I promise.
Only don't count on it if it snows
Cause then, all bets are off.
Readying myself for
A crazy
Trying to stay focused on work,
Instead being dragged away by
Activity on Facebook and
Imagining a day
Nothing but nonsense.


  1. Great opening of your day, writing a poem. Can't get any better than that! Love those first words, 'possibly, maybe, really'.

  2. What a fun poem! That's exactly how I feel on those winter days too! Also, thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. It was really nice and cheered me up!

  3. Take the time for you
    Imagine only you
    Making time for reading and writing
    Enjoy the additional time!

    It's about TIME, not procrastination! It's time to do more and put ourselves first!

  4. You had snow?? Right after we were there?? No Fair!!!