Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When I Grow Little....

I love listening to how kids learn language. They use unique expressions to get their point across. They mix up letters in words--baseghetti, anyone.  Or they say things like, "Can I flush the toaster?" (Really. Think about it.)

So conversations with my grandkids are always delightful.  

Me: So Tony, how is preschool? Are you having fun?
Tony:  Yep. I learned "Going on a Bear Hunt."

I recited the first line and asked if that was the right one.  He assured me it was and proceeded to recite the whole thing (with actions, of course). 

"I like that, Tony!  Will you teach it to me?"

"Well, Gramma, when you grow little, maybe you will learn it at school."

When I Grow Little

When I grow little
I will sing with passion
Even if
I don't sing very well.

I will draw lots and lots
of pictures
And not care
that no one
Knows what I drew.

When I grow little
I will skip down the sidewalk, and
Wear my favorite clothes
(Even if they don't match).

I won't care what I look like
in a bathing suit.
I will take naps when I need them
(With my favorite toy).

When I grow little
I'll eat cold hotdogs for breakfast and 
Warm cookies and milk for lunch.
I'll lick the frosting off my cupcake.

I'll make someone else kill the bugs and 
take  fish off the hook
(Even if they don't like them either).

I will say
"I love you"
a million times a day
(Just to make sure
they know I mean it) 
And I will always start my day with
Morning Hugs
When I grow little.


  1. I love that you gave us the setting for the poem; it means so much from that. But also love that you took this phrase & turned it into such a heartfelt poem about your grandchild memories. I imagine you will read this, & it will take you right back to that time. (Special photo too!)

  2. Deb, I love this! Kids say the funniest things and I love how you took Tony's phrase and ran with it! The poem reminds us of the innocence of kids. Thanks for reminding us to grow little. :)

  3. Oh my Deb, this is so wonderful! I loved hearing how your conversation with Tony grew into your poem. As always, I love your voice in your writing. Just beautiful. :)

  4. This is now one of my favorite poems! Love how it came to be and that you wrote it (and then shared it).

  5. You have so captured the joy and freedom of being little. Why did I want to hurry and grow up? When I grow little I want to be just like this poem. Wonderful!

  6. That poem is just awesome - as others have said, it meant so much more because you provided the context. And your grandson? Adorable!

  7. This made me tear up a little. These kids are all just growing so fast!

  8. I'd like to grow little just for a day.
    Thank you.

  9. I LOVE the poem! What a wonderful idea and so sweet that it came from the mouth of your grandson! Awesome!!!!

  10. The inspiration for the poem and then sharing the poem were wonderful. And what a cute picture too!

  11. I just tried to leave a comment about your post and it got deleted, I think. Please lmk. THANKS, Stacey