Friday, July 22, 2011

"It's a Girl Boat!"

Captain Robin, driving her "girl boat"
It was a special summer night, that started with a text, "Going on boat ride! U want 2 join?"

"Sure!  I'll be down."

 It's been 110+ degrees all week. It was like winter. No one really left their trailers. We hibernated. So today was for fun! I took a bottle of wine and walked down the road.  There were four of us to start, a fifth we picked up later. Three women and two men (that will be important later). Just a nice sunset cruise around the lake. Perfect.

And it was. No bugs. No heat, No stress.  An ideal summer day.  Until the boat "died".

Really. It quit.

Hundreds of yards from shore.

And we laughed. A lot. Giggled out loud like little kids.

"You're out of gas!"

"No. We put a lot of gas in--we've only been out four times!"

There had been an "incident" a week ago.  The boat wouldn't start. Men were called. They fixed it and the question was asked, "You saw what I did. Right?"
Poor Mike, trying to fix the boat.
"Yep. You took off this big thingy and then you took off this thingy. And then you messed with this flipper thingy....."

Tonight a search for tools by the men.  "You do have tools?"

"I think so."


"It's a girl boat!  I don't have tools!"

Our heroes to the rescue
A call to shore was made. Help was found and on the way.

A tow to the lift. A gorgeous sunset. Friends. Priceless.


  1. Oh-so funny. Happy to hear you were rescued, but it must have given you all a chuckle at the men's frustration, right? The photos also tell the tale. Lovely sunset!

  2. What fun to have an emergency like that! Ya gotta love a "girl boat". Your trip will be the talk of all the men for the rest of the summer.