Monday, July 11, 2011

6 Adults, 6 Grandkids, 3 Dogs and a Cat

Can six adults, six kids, three dogs and a cat live together in small confines for five days and live to tell about it?  You bet! (To be honest, two adults and a dog left after two days, so that eased things a bit).

Our sons and their families both came to the lake to visit over the fourth. I had spent the weekend before trying to organize the trailer to maximize space and have a place to put everyone's belongings. (You have to understand that the trailer was a camper in a previous life--maybe 25-30 feet long with an addition the same length and width)  I rearranged  the cupboards and the fridge so we had more space for the food needed to feed everyone. I cleaned coolers so we had a place for beverages (the fridge is just too small to hold food AND beverages). I found the kid DVD's and had them ready to go. I brought extra towels from home---you never have too many towels at the lake.  I was as ready as I was going to be!

Also in the mix were my mom, sisters, nieces and a nephew. They had rented a small cabin at the resort for their comings and goings. Some came Saturday, some came Sunday, some came on Monday, the 4th. It was a huge family weekend. On top of this, our best friends son was home for a visit from Poland for the first time in six years.  Now, this man was like one of my own kids when he was younger, so the weekend was packed!

We tried to keep things simple all week. Paper plates and plastic silverware when possible. When everyone was around on the 4th we went with sloppy joes in the crockpot, along with salads and fruit. That way everyone could eat when they wanted. The rest of the week was similar. The less fuss the better was our motto.

Bedtime was an adventure--one night I actually slept on a mattress in the kitchen!  But as long as there was floor space and enough pillows and blankets, we were good. The poor animals slept wherever they found space.

It was a fun week, a long week, a special week. But I was sure happy to get home and into my own bed!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week with you managing so well! We had our son, daughter-in-law & grandson for the week, which meant company in & out to see them while they were in town. It's like a good vacation although at home. I'm glad you had all the family and friends too!