Friday, May 6, 2011

Daughters of My Heart

My sons have married two wonderful young women. And let me be honest, sometimes I think the girls are too good for my sons!  The things they put up with...oh my. And remember, girls, I really did teach them better!

Kristen and Max 2/2011
Kristen is the wife of our youngest son, Josh.  Besides the fact that she loves our son with all her heart, there are two reasons she has a special place in our hearts--Kaylee and Tony and how she has handled the whole "step-mom" thing. This young woman loves these two kids as if they were her own, truly. And I couldn't ask for more than that. And now, of course, there is little Max.  How she handles three kids on the weekends when Josh is working is beyond me. She's kind of a Wonder Woman!

Rainy at baby shower  4/2011

Rainy married our oldest son, Mitch, last summer.  She has brought our son back into the family and made us close again (and, Mitch, if you are reading this, you know I am right!).  She gifted him (and us) with a ready-made family and helped him appreciate the one he had.  She is the calmest person I know--nothing seems to fluster her! She is really our go-with-the-flow woman.  She even let Mitch have a Hawkeye wedding and let him name their son after a famous Hawkeye football coach.  Wow--the things you do for love! 

I want to thank-you girls for loving my sons and being wonderful mothers to our grandchildren. We are truly lucky to have you in the family.  Happy Mother's Day

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  1. It's a wonderful description of your relationship with those 'daughters'. I hope you are going to share this with them. Happy Mother's Day!