Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brain Break

Chloe is ready for a brain break, too!

It's funny that in the short time I have been involved in this challenge how my brain has changed. I am constantly thinking about things that happen and I how I could write them in a slice. The first thought to pop into my head in the morning as I wake up is, "What will I write about today?"

Today, I really don't have a specific idea, but it's OK. I spent the first hour I was up reading the other early morning posters I have come to know and look forward to reading.

There was Alan and his wonderful post about finding a new book.  I could write about that--I have the same feelings...

And blkdrama who took me to Aruba in one picture. I could write about my longing for summer and my place on the lake....

There was Wanda's post, which asked the question, "When do you write?" I could write pages on that!

And DSmith who wrote a poem. I really should try that!

And my creative writing students who wrote fabulous six word memoirs!

And my friend Tanya who writes a wonderful art blog. How I wish I had her talent

I could go on, but instead, I will write down my ideas and then take a brain break.

I'm going to visit old and very dear friends and I don't want to think about school, or speech contest, or lesson plans, or housework for the next 24 hours. Sunday night will be soon enough.

Enjoy your weekend, new posting friends. I'll read you tomorrow!
Happy Writing!


  1. Deb, I am right there with you on thinking about writing, what can I use for a slice? Just reflecting has given you so much to write about. Enjoy your day with your friends, busy days are ahead. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Trying to leave a comment is proving to be a challenge but I'm still trying...
    So here goes effort #3:)
    Lots of good inspiration right here Deb from your own mind.

  3. I too think about what I am going to write about more because of this challenge. I wait until late at night to post because I have so many things that I could share. I want them to be perfect - not for others but for me. But like you said - we always need a brain break! Great post with lost of ideas for future posts. Enjoy your friends!

  4. Thanks for modeling how other slices have created ideas for you to write about. I have been writing phrases in my notebook from different posts, because the ideas are awesome. If you don't mind, I think I may try your style sometime in the near future. Enjoy your day. :)MaryHelen

  5. I'm with booksavors - I love the ideas I get from other's blogs. And what an adorable dog!

  6. I'm with booksavors and onesunflower also. Learning so much from other bloggers.

  7. Isn't it wonderful, this blogging world?

  8. And thanks onesunflower--that's Chloe, my Goldendoodle puppy. She is a sweetheart!

  9. Sunday night is soon enough -- I tell myself that on a weekly basis :) Thanks for letting me know I am not alone!